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  1. Akinyande ayo

    Can a backlink value increase over time?

    SEO is getting more expensive yoy, and I'm curious if getting links from fresh websites can perform well later. Most new site operators would easily take guest post at no cost, while established blogs would ask for budget. I don't believe there's much difference between a backlink with...
  2. Akinyande ayo

    Get 1 Free ******** Backlink from Adult Blog

    To the community with quite a number of generous members, it's time to give back. I want to offer you an opportunity to get a free backlink from a mainstream adult blog. Requirements You must have at least 100 posts You must not be a seller here You must Comment that you're interested on...
  3. Akinyande ayo

    Do you notice a drop in organic traffic to your sites

    I noticed a drop across 90% of my money sites yesterday. It seems they recovered a bit today, and it's likely Google released a minor update this week. What's your experience?
  4. Akinyande ayo

    Hiring SEO expert

    Hi, I want to hire an SEO expert to recover my site from G penalty and clean bad link profile.
  5. Akinyande ayo

    Need help to recover from Manual link Penalty

    Hi, noblemen of this great forum, It's almost a year now that my first site got hit with a manual link penalty. It has been hell recovering from this penalty, I have tried all I could do to remove poor quality links I bought here in my early years in IM. I need someone who can help to audit my...
  6. Akinyande ayo

    Need a fix to Corrupt Wordpress file in cPanel

    I need a wordpress expert who can help fix wordpress files that have been corrupt in cPanel. I can offer $10 for this quick fix
  7. Akinyande ayo

    Need Namesilo domain renewal coupon and reliable Host

    Hi fellows, I've been with Namesilo for some years now and i love it. However, i've never got any working coupon whenever i want to renew my domain. Any reliable source or coupon code for domain renewal, will really appreciate it. Also need a very reliable host that's not too expensive in US...
  8. Akinyande ayo

    Need free spam link checker site

    Hi mate, One of my sites has been penalized by G for spam links. I've been on this for months now, and despite several disavow files i have sent, they've not lifted the ban. Really need help, it seems the links i built at the early stage of my SEO is hurting now.
  9. Akinyande ayo

    How to get out of google unnatural link penalty

    Hi folks, Google penalized one of my sites for unnatural link for some weeks now, before then, I built hundreds of bookmarks to the sites which I didn't check it's follow link and that the links are indexed in just 3 to 4 hours. I've deleted all the links and Google still declined my...
  10. Akinyande ayo

    I need to Publish on Reuters for a fee

    I need sellers who have access to publish on Reuters or any one recommend good seller here.
  11. Akinyande ayo

    Adsense A/C banned permanently after Appeal, what's NEXT? I feel lifeless Now

    It's a sad day as I just got permanent ban after waiting for almost 4 months now for my appeal note to be reviewed. I was banned for policy violation. I run the Adsense on 3 sites across different niche and don't know the exact one that violates their terms. I don't do shits with these...
  12. Akinyande ayo

    I want to fix my websites database error

    I need web developer to help fix urgently an "error in database" 505 error in my VPS. I recently migrated from shared hosting to private virtual server but the sites are down now. Kindly send PM if you can fix it.
  13. Akinyande ayo

    Need a web expert to fix database that's corrupted

    I migrated from shared hosting to private virtual server recently but my server is down now. The database is corrupted and need someone to help me fix it. Kindly send PM
  14. Akinyande ayo

    Get a domain that's already registered and St least 2 years old free

    I have two domains I've used before and after the need to re-brand my business, I've to stop using them. Wificallingiphone Healthriskfood Both are dot com and registered as virgin domains. To qualify, simply show interest and send PM.
  15. Akinyande ayo

    Urgent Need of Web Tech who can configure server

    I'm in need of web technician who can help optimize web virtual server. PM me and let's talk.
  16. Akinyande ayo

    I Need VA to Optimize Virtual private server for my site

    I need expert with track record to configure my private server with my host. It's urgent and should not take much time. Other projects are available if I'm satisfied with this.
  17. Akinyande ayo

    How much effects? Moving site from Server to server in different Country Location

    Hello buddies, My sites are hosted on server located in Canada from a single hosting company. Since I'm trying to increase my US traffic, How significant would the effect be on US traffic if I move to another host that has server in USA
  18. Akinyande ayo

    Google is not Crediting new Links in Console

    Has anyone noticed google is not only slow in indexing back links but also very slow in crediting new links. I've three sites that new links have not been recorded for in console despite new quality links that have been built to them
  19. Akinyande ayo

    Anyone with List of Good Banner ads Network for Publishers & Advertisers

    I'd like to get a good list of banner ads network that easily accept bloggers to post banner ads on their blogs and also want to learn from those who've displayed banner ads on site. Which network helped you to make profit, what site can you recommended and how successful can you rate this form...
  20. Akinyande ayo

    How can i remove Adsense ad spaces like this Site?

    I've been seeing this but not done so much like this site. One would think the AdSense ads are direct adverts on the blog. Any plugin or code to help with this, either at the header, within post or Footer. I also want to know if one can get penalty from G AdSense team as they want ads to be...