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  1. silentwandererr

    SMMPANEL.CO : Enhancing and empowering the world of social media marketing

    Is test balance still available? Username: silentwandererr
  2. silentwandererr

    Best Twitter Bot working today for scraping and Follow/Unfollow activities

    I've tried Phantombuster and it works well for follow/unfollow if you provide your own list
  3. silentwandererr

    Websites you won't believe exist part 1

    that was so helpful thank you for sharing this waiting for part 2 :p
  4. silentwandererr

    Hello Forum

    hello, welcome to BHW forum tell us what are you looking for here? good luck!
  5. silentwandererr

    Would you put your Blackhat projects on your Resume?

    or is it too risky?
  6. silentwandererr

    Twitter accounts that do cash giveaways to gain followers - where to start?

    I noticed that some of these giveway accounts get suspended after a while, I suppose it's againt the Twitter ToS?
  7. silentwandererr

    [JV] My Unlimited Twitter API Keys + Your Twitter poromtion ideas

    I have an unlimited amount of Twitter API Keys, i.e I can authorize a large amount of Twitter bots and program them to Tweet, DM, likes, etc.. Need someone with an idea of how to use this for marketing or other ways of monetizing it.
  8. silentwandererr

    Huge drop in twitter traffic lately but don't see anything up with accounts? (nsfw accs)

    Twitter recently have started limiting the reach (ghosting) of tweets with flagged urls in them
  9. silentwandererr

    twitter arabs followers

    I use realactivefollowers [dot] com, in their targeted followers section they have an "Arab" option.
  10. silentwandererr

    How do people easily get large followers on Twitter and then sell the account?

    Yes I've used it many times and it's a standard measure of an account's quality when buying Twitter account. And I assume it's safe as it's widespread used and I've never heard of any incident with them.
  11. silentwandererr

    Most Profitable Coin to Mine?

    Exactly what I needed, thanks!
  12. silentwandererr

    Most Profitable Coin to Mine?

    What are the best cryptocurrency to mine in 2020?
  13. silentwandererr

    What ways do you know to buy crypto with credit card?

    There is no way to buy crypto with credit card without KYC (Know Your Customer)
  14. silentwandererr

    Buying mixed-language domain name

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't we used to be able to buy domain names with both english and cyrillic letters? for example: goо (the second o is cyrillic) I tried both godaddy and namecheap, they only allow all-english or all-cyrillic letters. Is there any domain name registrar that...
  15. silentwandererr

    python Selenium help

    Try to find a unique selector for the element (like xpath) and use: from import expected_conditions from import WebDriverWait xxx = WebDriverWait(driver, 5).until(expected_conditions.element_to_be_clickable((By.XPATH, "unique-xpath")))...
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    Some questions about twitter

    if your tweets include a url, the domain could be soft-banned from appearing in the search
  17. silentwandererr

    Good quality images that don't kill load time?

    1. Convert to webp 2. Look into lazy-loading images (only load them when the user scrolls them into view)
  18. silentwandererr

    Tips for gettings accpeted for Skrill Merchant Account?

    Twitter marketing services (Twitter Followers, etc..)
  19. silentwandererr

    Tips for gettings accpeted for Skrill Merchant Account?

    I had a running functional website but still got rejected.