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  1. Stitches and Burns

    Black Friday 2022 Official Thread!

    Yoast Black Friday Sale 30% discount on all Yoast SEO plugins
  2. Stitches and Burns

    Twitter might be shutting down tonight

    Elon is doing Twitter a big favor. It will be a beast just watch out lol. He's getting rid of slackers and SJWs. Twitter before and after Elon:
  3. Stitches and Burns

    Black Friday 2022 Official Thread!

    Depositphotos deal on Appsumo Get 100 photo/vector downloads from Depositphotos (lifetime) for only $35. Deal expires on November 20, 5pm CT.
  4. Stitches and Burns

    Paypal just deducted $245.7... for no reason

    Dang... it's time to withdraw my PayPal funds.
  5. Stitches and Burns

    aHrefs has become a fucking joke

    SEMRush is better and more accurate with their data. And aren't slow unlike Ahrefs.
  6. Stitches and Burns

    Is Google Shitting On My Website?

    That's right. If you don't like your articles, why would others? A white hat site that you've written yourself about topics that you care about, that you put hours of effort into, is far more sustainable and will last for as long as you keep writing.
  7. Stitches and Burns

    Is Google Shitting On My Website?

    With millions of articles, I think it's not worth the effort. If the content is still crap, adding images and videos won't help. I would kill the site and start anew with a white hat one that is written by real people. Spammy AI content sites don't last long nowadays. There are still people...
  8. Stitches and Burns

    Urgently need $500 dollars a day. Serious reply and suggestions???

    Dump your girlfriend bro. Even if you'll eventually make $500/day, she will never be satisfied and will need more money to support her lifestyle. I don't care how pretty or hot a girl is, if she's a golddigger then I won't touch her with a 10-foot pole. There are plenty of girls who are...
  9. Stitches and Burns

    Anyone else finds NEIL PATEL cringy ??

    I guess he outsources the work to some chap in a 3rd world country and pockets most of the money.
  10. Stitches and Burns

    Is Google Shitting On My Website?

    Did you know that there's a Helpful Content Update a few weeks ago? It's targeted towards AI content sites. And just by looking at the bounce rate, average session duration and number of sessions per user, we can know that the content is crap.
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    I researched it too and it says that PayPal banned Nigeria.
  12. Stitches and Burns


    Could it be due to scammers from that country? A case of a rotten few apples spoiling everything for the honest majority.
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    What 3rd world country are you from? Strange that PayPal is banned there. Do you have any computer skills? You can make an account on Upwork and apply for online jobs there. And since PayPal is banned in your country, you can use Payoneer or Wise to accept payments. Good luck!
  14. Stitches and Burns

    How to protect my sites from spam for free?

    Thanks for this idea. I enabled a firewall rule by putting up a JS challenge for /wp-comments-post.php. Now all spam comments are blocked. I have now deleted my antispam plugin. :D
  15. Stitches and Burns

    Any bloggers see traffic down in past 5 days?

    Declined 10% last week but up again 20%. Me rn:
  16. Stitches and Burns

    Failed Blogger with 350+ Keywords on First Page with Good Search Volumes - What's Next

    Without knowing the URL of your site, it's difficult to determine the factors for low clicks and impressions. It could be due to strong competition or a tough niche. Or it could be due to poor content.
  17. Stitches and Burns

    Youtube blackhat idea, make 2000$ a day

    But you're not Vietnamese or Russian.
  18. Stitches and Burns

    Namecheap blocking accounts

    That's like saying I sell crack on the street and was never caught by the cops. :D