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  1. TheMasterOfMoney

    [WTB] Needing a coder for a Traffic Bot - $1k budget

    Hi everyone, I am needing someone to create a traffic bot for me. It needs to be on a server/site, as I need to send hundreds or thousands sessions at the time and I don't want to run it on a computer. It would require some kind of proxy solution as well I guess, but most importantly the ability...
  2. TheMasterOfMoney

    Good quality Instagram likes?

    Hi, I have been looking for Instagram likes that do look real. I am South American and used to buy Brazilian likes for my personal and they were great, as they were real brazilian accounts. Yet I cant see this service anymore. Does anyone know any panel that sells REAL Instagram likes that look...
  3. TheMasterOfMoney

    YEC, YPO, Forbes Council, or EO Invite Needed

    Hi! I am a young entrepreneur, I believe I have all the conditions to be given a YEC, YPO or EO, or Forbes Council invitation. I'd like to buy one, if you are a member you can recommend me to it and I'd pay you for this service. Please let me know your price and I will send you more details.
  4. TheMasterOfMoney

    Buying Contributor Accounts or Invites for Forbes, Inc, Huff Post, etc

    I am buying Contributor Accounts or Invites for Forbes, Inc, Huff Post, etc. I am needing a contributor account to any of these well known platform in financial services and business in particular (Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Financial Times, Business Insider, Huffington Post, TechCrunch, The...
  5. TheMasterOfMoney

    Need RT from big Crypto Twitter account

    Hi guys, I am doing a contest for a coin I developed, and I'd like to buy a RT from a big crypto Twitter account (over 5k at least). Please message me with your price and paypal address! Thanks!
  6. TheMasterOfMoney

    [BUYING] Contributor Author Accounts/Invites

    Hi guys, I am buying Contributor author accounts or invites. I would need to be able to have my name on it basically, so if it is under a different name then I can't use it. New accounts are preferable and especially if you can invite me. Sites that I am buying accounts/invites from: - Huff Post...
  7. TheMasterOfMoney

    Medium Recommendations & comments

    Hi guys! I haven't see this yet, but is someone selling medium recommendations and comments? For Thanks!
  8. TheMasterOfMoney

    Verified form for verified users?

    Hi guys, I got one of my accounts verified. Just the regular way, it was of a public interest so it just happened. I remember I read that someone said that verified accounts have another form where they can suggest for other users to be verified? Where's that, I cant find it. I also remember...
  9. TheMasterOfMoney

    Buying your Instagram accounts with FAKE followers

    Do you have an account with fake followers? I will buy it. Only accounts with over 100k. I will pay $50-100 max depending on the number of followers. You know that they are worthless so just send me your username & I can give you an offer, but it will most likely be $50.
  10. TheMasterOfMoney

    Looking for big Instagram/Twitter accounts

    Hey guys, Looking for Instagram or Twitter accounts. Big accounts, at least 70,000 followers. No fake followers. Acceptable niches: - Luxury - Memes - Comedy - Fashion - Nails - Cute - Models - Fitness - Animals Send me your username and price, do not ask me to add you to Skype, just keep it...
  11. TheMasterOfMoney

    Twitter bot to reply first

    Hi, I am looking for a Twitter bot to reply first to some users. So for example, if someone tweets, my reply would be the first and be just under what they tweet. If you are selling a bot like that, please let me know!
  12. TheMasterOfMoney

    Got my account verified, now what?

    Hey guys, Love the Instagram section of the forum. I have a couple of accounts (not many, only 4 and one is my personal lol), and I have a big account, although I got one of my accounts verified, but this account is new so I basically have no followers. My question is, is there any benefits of...
  13. TheMasterOfMoney

    Mexican SEO?

    Hi guys, Looking for someone to do SEO in Spanish for my Mexican site. Please PM me your info & testimonials/anything. If possible, it is better if you have a thread on here. Please do not ask me to go to Skype, just send me the info here, keep it short & concise so we don't lose time and...
  14. TheMasterOfMoney

    Help with Woocommerce

    Hi guys! Maybe this is not the section but sorry about that. Anyways, I wanted to add a promotion on Woocommerce, where you can buy 3 products and only pay 2 (the 2 most expensive ones). So, for example, you can add three products of $100, and only pay $200. Does anyone knows of any plugin...
  15. TheMasterOfMoney

    Buying IG shoutouts

    Hi guys, Buying IG shoutouts here. You need to have the following requirements though: - An account with at least 200k followers - Niche should be fashion or textposts. Fashion/girlie themes are great, but only comedy not so much. In case that you have a big account on a different niche, just...
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    Ghosted accounts?

  17. TheMasterOfMoney

    A simple Twitter bot?

  18. TheMasterOfMoney

    Shopify or Woocommerce?