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  1. jezhead

    Looking for someone who knows how to capture css or .js and convert to .mp4 or .mkv

    Basically i need someone who can setup a script or something where i can download a bunch of play-by-play screens of a website and record them all in a video format? Kind of hard to explain really, here is a screenshot of what i am looking to record, it moves as the play goes on. it's either...
  2. jezhead

    My Website and Sports Events Streams - Your traffic methods

    Looking to get my streaming website off the ground, All i need is a partner willing to promote it in a few places. Pm me to discuss possibilities. Revenue willing to split an even 50/50 with partner.
  3. jezhead

    Free Ebook to review - Getting Started Online Fast

    Hey guys, finished writing my first ebook called "Getting Started Online Fast," mainly geared toward noobies, which shows 5 easy and simple ways to get started quick online. I would love to send out a few review copies for anyone interested and to possibly give me some feedback after they read...