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  1. Spdbmp

    New EPN Account Availability!!

    Hub Pages and EPN = Chaching!! Many of you can relate..., I'm sure. Lost a few EPN accts a couple years back when Oreos were the 'in' thing. Anyway..., just received this email from HubPages a while ago and went and signed up. Waiting on approval as far as I can tell. .. Coming into the...
  2. Spdbmp TV Commercials...?

    I have seen a few Alibaba commercials on the tube lately. Are they seroiusly trying to brand themselves as a legit sourcing/manufacturing company? I used to visit the site a few years back when I was heavily into eGay and about 99% of the 'companies' were scammers. At least in the electronics...
  3. Spdbmp

    Do AMs Really Give a S**t about Cloaking?

    Hey guys; Just looking to get started on cloaking some sites and I've read quite a bit about it here. I believe I understand how it works, and the huge benefits. My question, as the title states...Do they really get on to you for this? I mean.., as long as they're making their cash.., do they...
  4. Spdbmp

    Aggghhhh! WinReanimator! How do I Get Rid of This S*hit!!?

    Anyone have any suggestions on getting this piece of s*hit off my computer? Uninstall doesn't work, it just re appears upon startup. Installed Malwarebytes and it supposedly finds and quarantines the trojans, but they just re appear.:( Any suggestions would be appreciated.:) Thanks in advance
  5. Spdbmp

    Anyone Promoting Pay Per Play?

    Anyone having any success with PPP signups? I've had 33 signup in the past 2 weeks, I think it's gonna be huge. Have any thoughts on the program?