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  1. Azt3c

    Free Keyword tool that lets you filter by search volume?

    Hi! I'm looking for a tool like keyword sheeter but one that lets you filter keywords by search volume. I know KWFinder is one but that's a paid option . Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post it on , I wasn't sure.
  2. Azt3c

    Tagging users vs mentioning the usernames in the caption

    Hey guys, I have a photography account and I follow a few other photographers. Some of them mention them mention other instagram accounts in their captions hoping for a feature from those accounts and some just tag them in their photos. So is there a difference in doing either of them ?
  3. Azt3c

    Any Photography engagement groups?

    I'm looking for an (telegram) engagement group in the photography niche . Can't seem to find one anywhere ,most of them are just groups for all kinds of posts and I don't like those . I lose interest liking everybody else's posts of different niches which I have no interest in.
  4. Azt3c

    How do basic websites make money and ge traffic

    I recently came across . It basically helps you out get HEX codes for different colors easily. How does it make money? I don't see any ads or anything monetizable. How would it get traffic? Like at least in the initial stages. There are other sites for like top hashtags but...
  5. Azt3c

    Windows Activator Tools-Generate Product Keys .Is it SAFE?

    My laptop is running Win 8.1 which was installed by the guy at the store ,so I'm guessing its pirated. I've been getting popup messages to 'Activate Windows' . Since I don't have the product key I ca't do it. I found out I can use activators to generate keys. Is this safe? I just want to...
  6. Azt3c

    Are these followers fake?

    Can someone check out the stats below . Those are the stats of an account in my niche ,kinda weird that they are losing 1k followers in just a day and then all of a sudden gain 12k. A few months back the account had just 350k followers then all of a sudden it sky rocketed to 1m and the dude...
  7. Azt3c

    Changing ITEM LOCATION - Aliexpress Ebay dropshipping

    While registering on ebay ,I was asked to put in an address. I filled in a fake address (Marysville, Ohio, United States) thinking there would be an option to fill in "China" when I'll list the item. There wasn't any. So how do I change the item location? I see a lot of sellers on ebay showing...
  8. Azt3c

    New SUB-Forum :Making Money-Discussions/Making Money-Guides

    So obviously as everyone knows the Making Money section is filled with a lot of crap now. To fix that up how about a new sub forum? Making Money- Guides or Making Money- Discussions. It would make more sense to make a "Making Money-Guides" subforum. As it will be way more easier to just move...
  9. Azt3c

    Switch back to personal account?Is it possible?

    I wanna try out business profile but can I switch back to a personal account if I ever feel like to? I read somewhere that once you switch to a business profile,you can't switch back.
  10. Azt3c

    [Demographics]Can I toggle on/off the business account option on IG?

    I wanna find out the demographics of my instagram followers for free. So can I just switch to a business account whenever I want and then switch back to a normal account later? I want to switch back cause business accounts get lesser engagement. Also do I need to have a facebook page to make...
  11. Azt3c

    Is there a tool to check which HASHTAG gets me the most likes?

    Free tool preferably. I wanna know which hashtags gets me the most number of likes..I can't find a good one..
  12. Azt3c

    How many LIKES and COMMENTS should an account with 822 followers get?

    I am in the car niche and I have 822 followers. Most of my posts get 170-210 likes. I posted one video and it got me 219 views. Highest number of likes :210. Recently my engagement has gone down and I only get 150-180 likes.. also it takes more time now.. I haven't changed my post schedule...
  13. Azt3c

    Printful vs Teespring vs Teelaunch +Shopify

    Which is the best out of the 3? The least expensive (i.e higher profits and best quality) ? I know printful is the popular one but I've heard its expensive. I don't know much about the other 2. Also is RedBubble good?
  14. Azt3c

    Instagram BOT LeadFriend-- Fake?

    Is it fake? Has anyone of you used it? I have seen some users post their affiliate links for leadfriend on IG. Some even DMed me but I just turned it down.
  15. Azt3c

    How do I get started to create an Instagram Bot (ANDROIDAPP)

    I wanna try making an android app which does all the basic functions of an Instagram Bot . I know I'll have to integrate the IG API but can somebody tell me things in a bit more detail?
  16. Azt3c

    Telegram group - How do I use it?

    I'm a total noob with this telegram group thing. I read a few articles which said telegram groups can help you get more engagement on your post and your posts will have a higher chance to appear on the 'explore' tab. So I have joined a group ,its a likes group. (Found it on BHW) Now what do...
  17. Azt3c

    Amazon Affiliate Link in BIO?

    Hey guys is it safe to add an amazon affiliate link in the bio of my IG? I have decided to promote one awesome product every week and was thinking of simply adding an amazon affiliate link on my bio directly without any website . Will my account get banned or something like that?
  18. Azt3c

    Instagress-Should I use it?

    About my IG account:: I made an instagram account on Jan 30 ,2017 and as of right now it has 75 real followers and only 10 posts. I'm following 0 users. I gained my first XX followers using hashtags effectively and then I started to follow/unfollow a 100 users who have recently liked pics in...
  19. Azt3c

    Fake followers APP ?For android.

    Hey does anybody know an app which I can use to get FakeFollowers ? I had used it a year back ,the user had to generate coins by following others and use those coins to generate followers. I know the followers are fake. Its just that I have created an IG account in money niche which I am...
  20. Azt3c

    OGads Approval?Taken back to SIGN UP page.

    Note:- After the last step during signing up with OGads i.e after I clicked 'Finish' button ,it just took me BACK to the sign up page. Does this mean I have made a mistake during the sign up process?Should I retry? Also when I try to sign IN ,I get a message the info doesn't match. Hey! After...