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  1. Hassandepp

    How can I get USDT with a debit card that has been banned from purchasing crypto

    Any sellers on BHW where I can purchase something and get USDT?
  2. Hassandepp

    Our country has banned all online payment platforms

    I need to add money to Skrill, any methods I can do that ?
  3. Hassandepp

    SQUID token up 3000% today

    despite the controversies and Binance investigation.. how?
  4. Hassandepp

    Which coin is the best to invest $1000 each month

    or should I focus on altcoins and memetokens?
  5. Hassandepp

    Is there a potential for Polygon (MATIC) to make it into the top ten?

    It is currently ranked 15th in terms of market capitalization
  6. Hassandepp

    Patreon or Youtube memebership

    Patreon or Youtube memebership? Which one should I focus more and why?
  7. Hassandepp

    Any ideas for a service website?

    I'm thinking of creating a service website to earn a passive income.. I have a few ideas and looking for more ideas from you guys. Maybe someone has something unique.
  8. Hassandepp

    Twitter now lets you Schedule tweets

    Twitter has announced two new features for its web app. Now users can save a tweet before sending it and also schedule a time for it to be automatically posted. Here's how to schedule tweets if you don't know that: Step 1: Once you've written the tweet, click the calendar icon. Step 2: Click...
  9. Hassandepp

    Looking for an Islamic content writer

    As the title says, Language - English Long term project if you want to.
  10. Hassandepp

    You don't need a unique idea to be successful online

    Just for motivation guys.. When you're starting, you will think your idea is unique but quickly realize there are already competitors doing something similar, or they could be doing the same thing that you want to do. Don't worry, this is entirely normal with any business and industry, but...
  11. Hassandepp

    What do you have your eye on for Black Friday?

    What do you have your eye on for Black Friday, or what's your best BF/cyber Monday grab of the past?
  12. Hassandepp

    Need Contentberg theme

    No nulled or cracked please. Thank you in advance.
  13. Hassandepp

    Anyone had any success story buying premade websites?

    Just curious, there are tons of services offering premade amazon affiliate sites etc... Haven't seen any journeys though.
  14. Hassandepp

    Why don't Reddit posts show in Plagiarism checkers

    Sorry for my noob question: I checked a few Reddit posts on some online plagiarism checkers and it shows 100% unique content. How is that possible?
  15. Hassandepp

    Anyone used hosting on Namesilo?

    The have a starter pack for $2.99 with 20GB Storage. I know they are one of the best places to buy a domain name however I have no idea about their hosting.... is it any good?
  16. Hassandepp

    $10 a day with Youtube + Social media

    My goal is simple.. Earn $10 a day with my YouTube channel. Adsense approved my YouTube channel exactly after 2 years from applying. So it just gave me a motivation to start this journey. My current traffic sources are social media accounts: Facebook Twitter Reddit Telegram Instagram Only my...
  17. Hassandepp

    ecommerce blog

    Should I Use Sub-Domain in Building Up a Blog for E-commerce Site or different website?
  18. Hassandepp

    Wordpress search button

    Whenever I click the Search button on my wordpress site, the search appears full screen in transparent black, how to disable that?
  19. Hassandepp

    Planning on starting an affiliate website

    Ok, I am trying to build a website like thisiswhyimbroke in a specific niche. What do you think? Are websites like these still relevant and what kind of things I should consider and avoid?
  20. Hassandepp

    How to Check if the Expired domain is worth it?

    So, I found this expired domain from 6 Majestic External Backlinks 373 SEOkicks Domain Pop 2016 6 Number of Crawl Results Domain Authority: 19 Is this a good domain for my new ecommerce store? What else do I have to consider and avoid? Please guide me through this.