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  1. ashish2112

    Error indexing in Bing [NEED HELP]

    Some of my pages are showing these errors few days ago Before the page was successfully indexed and was working fine but suddenly it got deindexed What to do guys I also tried bing support but no help I also contacted hosting but no problem from them and also tried deactivating .htaccess as...
  2. ashish2112

    Check if expired/dropped domain is penalized

    Hello bhw So I have searched 2 expired domain names (now available in google domains as well) that I wanna use as my money website but I have few doubts 1. Is there any demerits of using expired/dropped domain 2. How to check if there penalized 3. One of the domain had a Chinese gambling...
  3. ashish2112

    [Want to know] How to be safe from SEO Spamming / Spamdexing?

    In January 2020 my website was SEO Spammed and some Japanese/Chinese pages(that I haven't made) have been indexed in google? So I haven't worked on that site anymore and let the domain expire. But now I'm looking to start a new website and wanna know How to be safe from SEO Spamming? Is...
  4. ashish2112

    How to meet Facebook community standards once broken?

    Hello guys, I have been running a 40k Facebook gaming page and would like to start streaming there and make some bucks But the problem is I have posted a lot of copyrighted images and I can't apply for the streaming application. Is there any way I can fix this?
  5. ashish2112

    Is easy to out rank or hard?

    Can I out rank my new website above How hard is it to out rank?
  6. ashish2112

    How to remove AMP version link from Google

    Google indexed AMP version of my site I now deleted all amp plugins as my site wasn't functioning well. Now how to remove those amp links for mobile and use original links
  7. ashish2112

    [HELP] Want some expired web 2.0s

    Looking for advice as to best working methods to find expired Web 2.0s I only need 3-5 of these, so if a kind, generous member doesn't mind helping out a fellow BHW member, that would be great. My niche is gaming. Blogspot, tumblr and will be preferred Please PM me the expired web...
  8. ashish2112

    [Need Help] How to index one post in no-index category

    Hello guys, Actually I have a category on my website as "video" where I embed some YouTube videos and don't want them to be indexed so I changed setting of that category as no-index. Now I want to index 2-3 posts of that category How to do that? Will posting only video without content penalize...
  9. ashish2112

    How many Plugins Should I use?

    Hi guys, I'm starting my first Wordpress blog and already have 20 plugins for technical seo and my theme and I think there will be 4-5 more to come for AMP and other stuffs. How many plugins should I use? Is 25 plugins more? What would be the consequences of removing some of them?
  10. ashish2112

    Render blocking resources

    Hi guys, Actually I was setting up my new site and ran a speed test in Google speed test. I got about 2-3 s delay because of render blocking resources. How to fix this ? I don't know much coding but can ask my friend for help.
  11. ashish2112

    Is my hosting plan good?

    Hello guys, I'm tight on budget and wanna start a blog. So here's my plan First, buy namecheap hosting and use for 6-10 months and make upto $100 with it. Then move my hosting to bluehost and use it for a few years At last if my website grows bigger (an authority website with thousands of...
  12. ashish2112

    How to rank Review posts?

    Hello guys, I was thinking to post review posts. But have a confusion that how will I rank it in 1 day. Many big brands posts reviews for these new launched movies/products and ranks in 1 day. How can I rank it. It's not like event blogging as we have something to build links to but in reviews...
  13. ashish2112

    Some questions regarding AWS, Hosting and Cpanel?

    Hello guys, I wanna launch my new website but have few questions. 1. Is moving hosting provider after your site ranked hurts it's ranking? 2. Which would be better AWS EC2 or LightSail for long term and high load traffic at minimal price? 3. Any free Cpanel available for VPS? Thanks for your...
  14. ashish2112

    What is the price of deploying a website on AWS?

    I am thinking to start a new website and had heard that AWS is used by many big companies. How much will it cost to make a website(blog) on AWS like ign or GameSpot? Are there any tutorials available Should I use EC2 or S3 or lightsail.
  15. ashish2112

    How can I get do follow back links from sites like Huffington Post, Forbes etc.

    Hey guys, Few months ago I read an article that we can get a do follow link from sites like Huffington Post and Forbes. If we send social signals to that post then the Guest Post we wrote becomes indexed in google and can pass the juice to our site. Does this work? Where can I read more about it?
  16. ashish2112

    Is PVACreator Gmail legit?

    Hello guys , I was looking for a gmail account creator and I came through PVACreator. Is it legit or not?
  17. ashish2112

    How to put Admob ads on WhatsApp app

    Hello guys, While I was surfing YouTube I found some videos showing how to put own Admob banner ads on WhatsApp app using Apk Editor app and share it to make money. But what I found was the codes they give don't work if any of you can put my ads on app then please help/teach me how to do that...
  18. ashish2112

    Facebook fun comment script needed

    Hello guys I was surfing through Facebook and find a post like this and have did some search and found that these type of websites are viral on Facebook they get 20k -50k likes within 1-3 days. If anyone know how to make sites like this then please share with me as I have great idea to make...
  19. ashish2112

    Best SEO automation tools Senuke vs GSA vs MoneyRobot vs others and best strategy to use them

    Hello guys I'm looking to start SEO sites. Can you prefer me best software for SEO automation tier 1 and tier 2 link building ? What would be the best strategy to use them?
  20. ashish2112

    Fake video player [Help]

    Can anyone provide me fake video player script like or Thanks for your help