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  1. Petry Geil

    how to buy bitcoin anonymously without paying outrageous fees?

    Just use Bisq - it is by far the best plattform with the best liquidity for KYC-free Bitcoin and Monero. There is also Robosats (Tor only) and
  2. Petry Geil

    What improved your quality of life so much, you wish you did it sooner?

    Lowering my time preference while jumping down the rabbit whole called 'Bitcoin'.
  3. Petry Geil

    Hello dear BHW !

    Welcome :)
  4. Petry Geil

    Are crypto investors stupid ?

    Investors invest. in whatever. They are stupid if they lose money, and they are geniuses if they win money. No matter if it's "Biodata", "Ethereum" or "Ripple". I would not touch anything next to Bitcoin in crypto... they are all 100 % scams for me. Bitcoin is the only one I see which has...
  5. Petry Geil

    Hi from TaurusH

    Welcome :)
  6. Petry Geil

    Questions about Crypto

    Do NOT use exchanges. Use bisq or hodlhold. Stay in power, stay decentralized.
  7. Petry Geil

    [FREE METHOD] Get Shutterstock Images For FREE without the Watermark.

    We have been sued 3 times in 10 years. It is f***ing expensive. Happened after using images from unsplash or similar 'free image' sites. The photographer upload their images there... take them down after a year or two - then start suing everyone who still uses the image online without...
  8. Petry Geil

    Solana gonna Luna?

    True. That is why for me personally it is a 100 % scam (just like Ethereum). When you write on your website that you are decentralized and then you stop the network every week due to problems... there might be a centralized party with too much power to declare it a 'decentralized blockchain'.
  9. Petry Geil

    Is BTC + DLC the Ethereum/Polygon killer?

    I would call it an extra layer of 'trust', not 'decentralization'. If there is no fixed supply you can verify yourself - it can't secure any value over time. The point is: Your value is at risk of being diluted at any time.
  10. Petry Geil

    Is BTC + DLC the Ethereum/Polygon killer?

    Decentralized? ETH runs on amazon and alibaba mainly. Have you tried to sync a node for ethereum? Have you tried to verify the total supply?
  11. Petry Geil

    Affiliate links on new websites

    If I already have a partner-link I use it immediately. Most of the time you wont get partner/affiliates if the page itself is not actively running with good traffic already.
  12. Petry Geil

    Is BTC + DLC the Ethereum/Polygon killer?

    Vine was just a centralized product. Like TicToc, Facebook and Google. E. g. there has never be a valid competition for TCP/IP even they all claimed to 'be better'. Bitcoin competitors tried for 13 years now. I see no chance they succeed in the next 13 years. After the fail of B-Cash (they...
  13. Petry Geil

    Is BTC + DLC the Ethereum/Polygon killer?

    Bitcoin can't be left behind... Too many nodes run the software already, too much hashpower behind it. Network effect already way above the critical point. Bitcoin is not like chrome or tictoc. Bitcoin is a protocoll. Comparable to tcp/ip not a project from a company or foundation.
  14. Petry Geil

    Is BTC + DLC the Ethereum/Polygon killer?

    That is exactly the superpower of Bitcoin (BTC) and why most other "crypto-projects" die after a few years.
  15. Petry Geil

    Introduction - Looking to Make a Mark on BHW

    Welcome to BHW.
  16. Petry Geil

    What niche sites do you run and why did you choose those niches?

    Same. I only use niches I know very well and have fun with. I have tried others but if I am not burning for it I slow down fast and have trouble keeping the pace.
  17. Petry Geil

    El Salvador purchases another 80 Bitcoins

    I love to watch this experiment. Excited to see where El Salvador stands in 5-10 years.
  18. Petry Geil

    Solana gonna Luna?

    I know some people wont like to read this but: Solana is a scam, even worse than Ethereum... Blockchain/Crypto buzzword bingo investor-scam.