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  1. dizz

    [Drop Shipping] Amazon to eBay repricing and automation software

    I already rock at drop shipping but it is alot of looking back and forth to find items and do the math while hoping you dont make a mistake of list an item thats gone I hope this helps me out with some of that
  2. dizz

    Amazon Reviews - Ongoing work

    I have a prime acct dont know how much help that would be but its my personal one happy to do a few reviews Dizz
  3. dizz

    Hair Extensions Manufacturer in China Reliable Supplier Fast Shipping Huge Profit Margins!

    I am a seller would you please PM me with the information and prices of your products I sure would appreciate Dizz
  4. dizz

    Reasons you will never be a millionaire!

    I couldn't even make it through that article being a millionaire in this day and age is attainable and being happy is attainable but there are roadblocks in everybody's way and mostly it's in your mind if you just want of work a few hours a day and be lazy than know you never get a be a...
  5. dizz

    Free Tumblr Blogs

    i could use some to promote with i use several different social forms now this would be a great help Dizz
  6. dizz

    He has Finally done it, he has retired! He is now CEOGod

    just for some law lessons, using a government address for a scam address is a federal crime this guy could go to jail just for that Dizz
  7. dizz

    I Think I may be the Most Stupid Member on BHW

    this made my day as i was signing for the new bridge i bought today Dizz
  8. dizz

    want to start a skype group for ebay/amazon sellers

    thanks guys i am back on just hit me up on skype
  9. dizz

    [HOT] My Android & iOS apps - Your city/country

    From my point of view this is a great opportunity for anybody who is a good salesman. I am not a very technical guy but I am a great salesman so if it can be sold I think I can do it because in the past I've proven myself that I can sell I live in Texas . Here I know that an app that helps...
  10. dizz

    2 eBay sellers needed

    i have what you require if you are still looking just shoot me a pm with details Dizz
  11. dizz

    I can do Facebook groups posting on 700 accounts everyday, looking for a partner...

    I would like to know more about your plan I think I have the use for this it sounds like it has lots of potential for promotion please PM me Dizz
  12. dizz

    [Free] Registered PR2 Tumblr blogs

    hello i would like to gather Some tumbler accountsI sure could use some for promotion of my eBay accounts and other projects I have goingThank you very much Dizz
  13. dizz

    [BHW] eBay Skype Group [POST YOUR USERNAMES]

    This is my ebay group he is adding people too so if you want in let me know
  14. dizz

    How Can I Make 10 $ A Day?

    Well if you're started on uploading stuff for money that's a good start and you looking for something different have you thought about trying CPA I saw somebody mention email sign-ups that's a fairly easy way to get started in CPA some CPA companies do require you have a website but not all so...
  15. dizz

    How Can I Make 10 $ A Day?

    One thing I think you should try is explained to us what you are good at and then expand upon that you're asking us to help you without giving us any clue what you're good at with that information we can give you pointers to help point you in the right direction to make $10 a day if you already...
  16. dizz

    I need your suggestions ... :)

    let me get this straight you have access to 500 servers I have plenty of ideas on how that make money if you're interested PM me I sure love to talk to you more about it that's an incredible resource Dizz
  17. dizz

    Facebook - Yahoo - hotmail - Twitter @Cheap Price

    He's been on this site for as long as I have always been a good guy and posted some useful information so I know he probably has great products to sell so I know where to get some if I ever need any Dizz
  18. dizz

    New Drop-shipper here! Sunglasses. HQ Photos, no watermarks! Need sellers!

    Tried to send you a PM but your mailbox is full send me a PM if you ever get a chance sure would like to know more about what you selling and what prices you have Dizz
  19. dizz

    One of those days

    When I go to get away from my computer I usually go outside mess with the horses go fishing go and play music over my friends house but whatever I do a cannot be looking at the screen when I reach burnout mode so that that's happening find something totally different to do as long as it has...
  20. dizz

    Need help for buying a 500$ new laptop

    One thing about this it does bother me is that a member here needs help with the computer maybe I'm misreading this or don't understand but all of the should know how to get a great computer for $500 or less so if you're an Internet marketing they should be an easy answer I hope you get what...