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  1. kenksk

    [JV] my FB ads account and balance + your campaigns

    Got a good FB ads account with decent spend a few years back sitting idle. If you have a good idea, let's put it to use. Not looking to burn the account so please only contact with sensible offers. We can start small to prove the concept and go from there.
  2. kenksk

    copy functionality from a NFT collection display site

    Need to copy all the functionality from a site and add a few things. Also will need your help to set up the contents. PM for details.
  3. kenksk

    Create responsive website design that can be used for a HTML website

    Looking for someone to design a website. You can use whatever tool you want but the elements should be usable to create a HTML website from it. If you can convert the design to HTML & CSS, even better. Website needs to be responsive. Consists of main page + 2-3 separate pages. Theme is crypto...
  4. kenksk

    Affordable Premium Animated Video Service - from $0.50/sec

    No default discounts but can be discussed based on order size. Sending Depends on the amount Sending
  5. kenksk

    KDP Journey as a Non-Writer

    Awesome thread bro, gave me an urge to give this a shot :)
  6. kenksk

    Anyone here ever lose 20+ kgs in a few months time? Please motivate.

    I went from ~110kg to 70kg in about 4-5 months a few years ago. What I did was cutting back calories drastically by eating less and only once a day. Might not be for everyone :D E: I remember doing ~20kg in 2 months wayyy back too. The trick was 12 hour construction workdays in the heat and 1...
  7. kenksk

    Provider of Google Search Traffic [Boost your Stats & Rankings]

    More review copies available :cool:
  8. kenksk

    I need REAL traffic

    Same question. You can check my signature, maybe it's what you're looking for ;)
  9. kenksk

    Great Journey To $400 A Day With Quiz Site.

    really impressive amount of traffic that your'e generating for free. nice job buddy :)
  10. kenksk

    Provider of Google Search Traffic [Boost your Stats & Rankings]

    Thank you for the reviews guys :)
  11. kenksk

    [$1000 per day ] 22 Passive Income Ideas that you can START NOW

    please refer all future "how to make $x,xxx day????" posters here :p