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  1. MrDenz

    [HELP] Buying 4k hours on YouTube in this case...? [CHECK THREAD] 1k subs ✔️

    The situation is as follows: You have a channel with 1.000 legitimate subscribers from short clips. You need 4.000 hours. And here we need the experiences of people who have done the following thing: Buying just 4k hours so the channel could get monetized, good or bad decision? How smart...
  2. MrDenz

    AI content doesn't rank - Nathan Gotch

    Just received mail from Nathan Gotch, I will copy/paste just one part as it contained a few links to his SEO Academy. Totally kidding. It works when you know what you're doing. The two highlighted keywords above are ranking with 100% AI-generated content (using Jasper). But do you...
  3. MrDenz

    Which was your first phone?

    Mine was the Alcatel One Touch Easy DB - 1999! :D More precisely, a couple of months before Alcatel I had a model that I can't remember the name. I remember he had an antenna you had to pull up... :D What a time man!
  4. MrDenz

    Today I became a millionaire. No, I'm not doing this for a signature views!

    I got your ass! :p I just wanted to tell you that you are special, you know... Now get your lazy ass up and go hug your loved ones, tell them you love them, smile more, be happy... Absolutely nothing else matters. Have a great weekend <3
  5. MrDenz

    F1 The Jeddah MADNESS!!!

    Are you watching this madness?? Insane race... If you need link [stream], let me know.
  6. MrDenz

    Google: Sites Can Be Stuck In Algorithm Penalty Limbo For Several Years (Rare)

    This is true and not so "rare" if we are going to be honest, if we are going to lie then it is. In any case, all this is very scary... "Google's John Mueller said in this past Friday's hangout that in rare situations some sites can get stuck in some sort of algorithmic penalty limbo or black...
  7. MrDenz

    Recommend me a damn mouse that won't die after 3 months!!!

    Man, I'm so angry right now...!! Like, I don't get it... Is it possible that the mouse from 2001 still works, and new ones are dying, all things after 2010 are of catastrophic quality!! Uuuh... In the last 3 years, I have changed 2 or even 3 times a year!! I've been using a lot of...
  8. MrDenz

    The Rank Math's Content AI is coming soon!

    What do you think about this? Email: The Rank Math's Content AI is coming soon! Rank Math is coming soon with the most advanced content-writing tool ever built for WordPress. It will be like your own AI (artificial intelligence) based assistant. Content AI will help you write SEO-friendly...
  9. MrDenz

    I want "review copy" - Disrespect!

    Yeah, receiving a copy used to be a privilege. Let me try to explain... The problem is not that someone doesn't want to leave a review, and at the same time, he wanted a copy, that just to show that you are not stupid and you know how to act and when to act, the thing is that for me it is a...
  10. MrDenz

    Thread "Legend" @k2h2 Banned

    The price you pay for the things you do is too high. It wasn't 'profitable' to make all those threads, and the people who advised you to stop or at least reduce all that, you thought we hated you...
  11. MrDenz

    Alec Baldwin fatally shoots woman with prop gun on movie set

    Dear Lord... A woman has died and a man has been injured after actor Alec Baldwin fired a prop gun on a New Mexico film set for the 19th Century western Rust. Halyna Hutchins, 42, was shot while working on the set as director of photography. She was flown to hospital by helicopter but died...
  12. MrDenz

    **The most trusted group buy sites these days?

    I've used a couple before, but I haven't lately, I see that there are a lot of sites... Some have, for example, Spamzilla for $10 or more, and others give 20 software for $20. Basically, you get kwfinder, ahrefs, semrush, grammarly, canva, spyfu, moz, buzzsumo, alexa, woorank, picmonkey and...
  13. MrDenz

    **Namecheap Deals**

    Just wanted to let you know... You can save some $. Get a .COM for just $5.98 $0.99 cent domains Premium Domains from $13.00/yr 1 month Free Hosting And many more deals...
  14. MrDenz

    SMM Panel - Twitter Recommendation?

    I have tried several SMM Panels, but I see that it is a problem for some reason to get a Twitter follower. Any recommendation? Thank you in advance.
  15. MrDenz

    All SMM Down??? What...?

    Reason why: Spawner: We all use a perfect panel script that is on the same server (which I really find terribly wrong). At the moment, 90% of the panels are using Perfect Panel, and it's the case because the API is basically easiest to connect, everything is fast as hell, but when this happen...
  16. MrDenz

    ▶️UNLIMITED REVIEW COPIES▶️Affordable Link Building Service▶️Guest Posts▶️Web 2.0▶️Social Juice▶️Secret High Authority Links▶️JUST $10▶️...

    Get links that work - No auto link building tools - No software! Affordable link-building service that will give you the quality you want and possibly help out with your indexing problems!
  17. MrDenz

    "Just got Lambo" - Next second **Banned** Selling outside of the marketplace :D

    Mods, if you feel like this is too much, feel free to remove it ;) To be honest, I wasn’t familiar with the @LordKrafty case. One of those characters who will publicly say that he earns tens of thousands of dollars a day, a millionaire, a Lambo... Krafty, I can't claim that you are not...
  18. MrDenz

    How to reach 20,000 regular viewers?

    Go and buy 20 to 40 ducks. Buy a pool, small and cheap. Fill the pool with water. Let the Ducks bathe. Download OBS and start streaming! Thank me later! :confused: :confused: Happy Monday!
  19. MrDenz

    Jim Browning goes to delete his own YouTube channel! Scary...

    Just got in to share this, anyone hasn’t seen this go check it out, Jim Browning’s latest video... It happens to the best of us! And if you don’t know who he is, you should. I just wonder how many people are fuc*** up this way! Jim: It wasn't exactly my finest hour, but it does go to...
  20. MrDenz

    Recommend some games...?

    Mobile and PC... I don't play games like I used to, I haven't opened Steam for at least a year... From time to time I just want to play something new in my free time or at least try. So... What are you playing these days?