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  1. Jhon92

    Need a vcc for amazon aws

    I just need one Vcc that is working for Amazon aws
  2. Jhon92

    US real sim card Number-2$

    I need US real sim card number for verification purpose. If you are interested then, please PM me. Thanks.
  3. Jhon92

    Verification UK Number 5$

    I need one UK number for verification. Willing to pay 5$ via PP
  4. Jhon92

    Need UK number for survey verification 2$

    I am looking for UK number for verification purpose.if anyone interested please PM me with the number. I will pay you 2$ for verification.
  5. Jhon92

    Need US real Phone Number Verification

    I need one US real phone number's not any social media verification, it is a survey website phone number verification.I will pay you 1$ for one phone number verification. Please respond me with your real sim card number, don't give me any apps or GV number.This is not worked !
  6. Jhon92

    Paying 10$ For yelp Review

    I need sticky Yelp Review minimum 7 days. I will pay to you after 7 days to your PayPal if review has shown minimum 7 days
  7. Jhon92

    Paying 10$ for Yelp review

    Need few Yelp review from Oregon.if your review sticky in yelp minimum 7 days then will pay you directly to your PayPal
  8. Jhon92

    Need Yelp Reviews from Oregon

    I want to buy yelp reviews from Oregon And I will pay you $10 per review Note=you will get paid after 7 days
  9. Jhon92

    NY address need for verification 10$

    I Need a NY address for receiving a Virtual MasterCard
  10. Jhon92


    Where can I learn ASP dot net framework from beginner?Can anyone suggest any good resources? Thanks
  11. Jhon92

    iPhone or Android app Test [us only]

    I need to test an app if you are interested then PM me for details Pay you 2$ for an app test
  12. Jhon92

    $2 For testing Mac Software[US only]

    As the title says i need someone to test a Mac software. instant payment via skrill after test ..interested person PM me for further details
  13. Jhon92

    Easy Money 20$ for US ADDRESS

    Hi,I need to verify US addresses. I send a letter to your provided address with pin number.your job is- you receive the letter instead of me and then give me the pin number..!!That's it.. I am willing to pay you 20$ for this service,once you deliver the pin number to me! if anyone interested...
  14. Jhon92

    I need US pin verification

    Is there anyone help me to verify pin? I send a letter with pin number to your US address. Anyone here THAT provide address verification services ?please let me know with your rate .. N.B: ONE-TIME VERIFICATION
  15. Jhon92

    Easy Money No task need to done

    I want to rent couple of USA home PC with internet connection monthly basis ..No vps or somthing like that..Only real PCs so if you wan to earn some easy cash then Let me know...Long term oppurtunities !! Thanks!
  16. Jhon92

    Help me to verify US skrill account

    Is there anyone who lives in US ?i need to verify my skrill account that created from US.if anyone help me to verify my skrill,I'm willing to pay you 20$ through Skrill.please help me out guys..Thanks
  17. Jhon92

    Easy Money

    Hi, Is there anyone living California?if you have a PC with Verizon Dial up connection then I need to use your PC through team viewer.I'm willing to pay you 50$ per week.It's long term project . Pls respond me if you can do this.. Thank You
  18. Jhon92

    Easy money

    is there anyone living California?i have a good offer for you if you have a dial up Verizon wireless connection on your pc..
  19. Jhon92

    What can I do ?

    Hello,guys I am able to generate 200 USA fresh lead per day from Craiglist which is Very interested about adult dating .Is there any way to earn something by using this fresh leads?OR anyone interested for buying this leads?if i do any mistakes pls forgive me! I'm new here
  20. Jhon92

    How can i Get Instagram Real Targeted follower

    Hello,I'm new here,This is my first post in this forum.Recently i learned a lot threat about online earning by using Instagram!i was wondering,lot of people earn good amount of money by using only Instagram.I'm very interested to do something by using Instagram. That's why i opened an account...