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    Need vbulletin expert

    We want to run a forum, we have recently purchased and installed vbulletin platform for that purpose. We want to provide credit or bonus for every post a user makes. For example, $0.20 per post. We have installed an add-ons named "vBCredits II Deluxe v2.1" which give credit point for every post...
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    Need help for a small fix on vbulletin

    Hi, I have installed a fresh copy of vbulletin 4.2.2 on a webserver. After install images are not showing on the forum and its sort of broken. Please see the screenshot below. It seems like its a small issue with folder permission or php version. If anyone can solve the problem, I...
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    Need SEO service for my websites to be in top 5 position

    READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION BEFORE RESPONDING. PLEASE RESPOND WITH DM which includes: 1. Budget/Estimated Cost. 2. Timeframe that it would take you to rank my site in top 5 position. 3. monthly fee to keep the position intact. I'm looking for top SEO Expert to rank my website for 2...
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    Is it possible to sell branded T-shirts/jersey on Ebay?

    Is it possible to sell branded T-shirts or jersey on ebay? These are not original T-shirts, but the quality would be same cause many brands manufacture their t-shirts/jersey from this country. I have recently got connections to some manufacturers who produce these. So I was thinking if it's...
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    Where to make a video like this?

    Hi, Recently I saw a website with a cool animated video to explain their service. The owner is probably a member here, but I dont know his name/id to contact him. So just wanted to know where can I outsource to make a video link this. Here is the page containing the video...
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    I can supply Leather goods, Ready made garments, Jute products etc.

    Hi, As a part of business diversification, I am planning to get into wholesell and supply business. I am from Bangladesh and I can supply leather goods, ready made garments, jute products etc. Recently I have contacted with few manufacturers and I can deliver the mentioned products. But I...
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    Looking for G+ supplier for regular work

    Hi, I need one or more supplier who can provide google plus one or G+ to specific webpage. Since I am looking for regular work cheap rate will get preference. Please PM me your rate for 1K, 2K and 5K G+. Thanks
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    I need someone to send my newsletter to 10K email list.

    Hi, as the title says, I need a person who can inbox 10K mail from my collected list. I will provide the list and html code for newsletter. Its a one time job, so let me know the price for one time send. The "From" should mention my email address like "[email protected]". Thanks
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    How Something[dot]com is ranking without any content?

    My brother was looking for some SEO service and while talking to a SEO provider, asked for example work done by the provider. The guy claimed that something[dot]com is ranked by him. The site does not have any content or anything, its a blank site. But it ranks no1 on google for search term...
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    Is youtube down???

    I cannot access to youtube, it says "It works!" and a blank page. Plz see the screenshot below. Are you facing any problem visiting youtube? Although I can visit using my US server without much problem, only login makes some trouble. Video playing fine from server...
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    Bulk keyword competition checker | Find SEOC with Allintitle and Inurl

    Hey, I was doing some keyword research lately and was feeling difficult and time consuming to visit google every time to check SEOC typing "Keyword" along with allintitle and inurl. So, today I have made a simple tool to check the keyword competition. In order to use this tool, at first...
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    Is it a Golden Keyword?

    Today I was just playing with keywords and noticed a nice keyword with exact match domain, its in health niche and somewhat related to weight loss. The keyword is like ?What is [Keyword]?, for example ?What is HIV?. It has 8100 Global monthly searches and 3600 local in exact search. CPC is...
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    Making money selling software license

    Hi, I have seen nowadays Windows and other software license gone cheap and people are selling those. I also got some of these license and now looking for a place to sell those. Anyone know any good place to sell genuine Win7 Ultimate license? Ebay is not an option I think. Any suggestion?
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    Do I need a VPS to run 50 Autoblog?

    Hi, As I am planning to play around with Autoblogging method, so I need to know what type of hosting is good for Autoblog? For example, I want to run 50 Autoblog, can i run that on a shared hosting? or i need a vps to run those autoblogs. If it requires VPS, what is the minimum requirement...
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    How to spread download links on internet?

    Hi, I want to spread my uploaded file's links on the net heavily, so that I get more download points. Can anyone suggest me, where I should share my links to get more download. Also what type of files get more download? like Apps, Games Ebooks or Movies? Thanks
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    Need help... urgent...plz

    I have been a member of a stock trading forum in my local community for a long time. We all members are helping each other like a family on that forum. Last night i had noticed that someone taken the administrative power from the forum admin and deleted his account. So, the forum is basically...
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    Need a coder for wordpress theme

    Hi, I am looking for a coder who can code wordpress theme, i need a wordpress theme similar to, so basically the coder has to clone the theme. But it should work in the same way like the actual site is working. I mean the main page, single page view, category view, ads view...
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    TheWebWorld - Free cPanel & WHM Hosting | No Ads | 99.9% Uptime | 24/7 Support

    Just got information about this free hosting company which even give VPS hosting for free, here is the information of the site: Shared Hosting TWW Mega 2GB (2000MB) Webspace 30GB (30,000MB) / month Bandwidth 100x of all features Shared IP address ( Upgradable to Dedicated IP ) TWW...