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  1. ice41

    Help a Newbie: New VPS Server - What to do?

    Hi guys, I wanted to learn more about web hosting and recently grab a VPS server. After I got the login, what should I do? It has Centos 7, I've been following this tutorial but stuck on "Adding New Website...
  2. ice41

    [READ] Confessions of a Google Spammer

    Guys, what are your thoughts about this I think spam-link-building is still working, not the same approach though.. PBN works, churn and burn works, and many more..
  3. ice41 affiliate, the same as Amazon?

    Howdy guys and gals! I wanted to know if zappos accepts affiliates outside of US? I couldn't find the information on Google. Is there anyone had / have experience working with Zappos? What is it like? Anything I should worry about? How much is the %? Thanks in advance for all the helpful info!
  4. ice41

    [Sale] ALL SitePoint Books and Courses $99

    To all who wanted to add a new skill to their arsenal, here it is all of $99
  5. ice41

    SEOmoz 75 day Free Trial

    SEOmoz and WPMU giveaway 75 day free trial! Check it out here
  6. ice41

    [Thoughts] Website Rental Business Model

    Hey Guys, I am thinking of having a website rental business model, and having a couple of thoughts about it. I think this kind of model is helpful to small businesses, for a small monthly fee but I am not sure if it will be profitable. Plus, what kind of services should I include on that...
  7. ice41

    Namecheap Hosting SPRING Sale

    Just found out about this discount Reseller Hosting $1.00 for the first month on all reseller hosting plans VPS Hosting $1.00 for the first month on all VPS hosting plans (excludes cPanel add-ons) SPRINGSALE Same coupon code for both. More info here...
  8. ice41

    MaxCDN $1 "Black Friday Special"

    Just found this one from MaxCDN, $1 for 12 months link Enjoy! :)
  9. ice41

    Free Online Article Spinner

    I've been using this for a while and it's one of the tools that I use everyday, I don't have any spinning software. If you don't have one, and looking for a free tool try this. Just sign up and get the free account, you can spin and download up to 300 per month...