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    Why cant i Reply in "Want To Buy" Section??

    Friends, I am able to post in all the BST Sections except "Want To Buy" section.I cant send reply at all.It says i do not have Enough Privileges :p.I even saw Newbies posting there LOL.Does anyone have similar problem?? Which is the Best way to proceed?? Thanks.
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    **Facebook Spammer ordered to pay $711 million**

    Hi BHWers :) Just read the below News Article and i was scared to death about Spamming :o.I hope they dont SUE me for Forum Spamming and Mass PMing LOL :D The question is, how many of you will Stop SPAMMING after reading this :sombrero:
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    Parrot Rapes And Shags A Guy LOL!!

    Hi Guys :) I dont know how many saw this funny clip, LOL this made my day :D.Just wanted to share this with you all :sombrero:
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    Would You call US Rapper Kanye West A "JackAss" ?? Obama Does.

    Hi Guys :) I just found about this when my Friend gave me link to a News site :D Hope u had a Good Laugh :cool:
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    Does Anyone Know How To Do This???

    Hi Guys :) I made a simple one page site few hours ago for my self with an Iframed CPA email offer.So, i have generated more than 26 submits and i wish to limit it to just 50-70 submits :) Is there any way i can make 5-6 Iframes to rotate randomly to different people??I shall use...
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    How Do I Do This Simple Test??

    Hi Guys :) I just earned $455 from an Insurance CPA offer.I took care to blank the referer and also fake some times.So, is there a tool online that can tell what the referrer is?? I would also like to test some DMR, so any way to check both DMR and Fake The Referrer?? Thanks...
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    OMG!! 55 years in jail for egaming payments?

    Just read this News article which is really awesome :D and wanted to share with you all :)
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    Lets Have A Minute Prayer For The Victims Of New Zealand.

    I just read this News a few minutes ago.Absolutely shocking.The Earthquake measured 7.8 on the Richter 100 miles off the coast :( Let me show you all the article. The article also says that, there are chances of a Tsunami 2.So, any Kiwis reading this study some Disaster...
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    $100 Facebook Voucher - Can I sell it here??

    Hi guys :) I just received $100 Facebook Advertising voucher valid till next month after buying Hosting package.So can someone tell me, if it is ok to sell it here for a CHEAP price :) ?? Thanks.
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    Can someone Answer this Incentives question Please??

    Hi guys :) I already posted a similar question yesterday in CPA section, but have got inappropriate answers :D. The question is simple.I saw lots of Incentive offers in a Network, so i wish to promote them.Is it ok if I get 80%-100% conversion rates??Will i still need to send Junk...
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    Incentive Offers Meaningful Question!!

    Hi guys :) I just got accepted into few CPA companies which had plenty of Incentive offers.So, before making money through those offers, i wanted to consult my friends here at BHW :D Since, the offers are Incentives, can i just start using CakeSlice and earning money with these...
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    Junk Traffic Problem!!

    Hi guys :) I have a small problem.I used IFramed offers to get leads.The conversion rates are like 1:10 . So is the traffic which i send to IFramed offers considered to be Legit traffic?? Should i stop worrying about sending junk traffic now?? One more query guys.Can we...
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    Is this the END of BlackHat SEO??

    Hi guys :( I am sorry to say that i am here with some bad news this time.I just received an Email from GM(GuppyMedia) which said that they have updated their rules.At first, i was not scared , but after reading their rules ssection, i am out of words :confused:..Dont think i am exaggerating...
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    Can GodCPA do this??

    Hi guys :) I have a simple question to all you GC pro users :D . When people fill the cropper Email submit offer, they will be sent to the next page like : "thank you for submitting" or some Information page.So is there an option in GodCPA to actually just stop the second page from loading...
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    Will I Be Safe Now??

    Guys, by mistake i have created 2 accounts with same details but with different Emails there any way to delete either of the accounts and become safe from suspension of both the accounts?? Or can we change the details of an account with fake ones, thus protecting the real account...
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    My small accidental find!!

    Guys i just saw this URL on youtube and i went to observe the site.I found out that he was offering FREE Iphones and other Apple stuff for lesser prices.When i clicked "buy now" , it went off to Clickbank straight and it started bringing me many ideas..Here is the URL...
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    Where Do You Guys sell Ebooks??

    Hi guys :) .. I have just finished writing a crap Ebook , so i want to sell it for some quick bucks :D..I do not wish to sell it at in DP, BHW or in Warriorforum. Is there anyother webmaster marketplace where people wish to buy CPA methods?? Thanks.
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    Urgent GodCPA Help Needed!!

    Guys , i have recently bought GodCPA , but i am having trouble using it.. i have watched the demo video on youtube and i have understood it properly..but my doubt is that, i dont know where to upload the Generated index.php file and also the Iframe file. On youtube he shows example.php as...
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    Was BHW Down ??

    Guys is it just for me or for you too , i could not access BHW for about 2 hours now..only 5 minutes ago i was able to surf it.
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    How much??

    Guys , how much percentage does EBAY gives us from a sale?? Amazon pays 15% , so is EBAY any close to EPN??