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  1. KaisGuy

    Scammed by spotifymarketer ( for $1000

    So I have been in talks with spotifymarketer (apparently Aaron) to do some Spotify plays. Everything went well until I paid him $1000 to start work. Every time I contacted him, he had some random excuse and so I have had enough. I have requested a refund, however now I am being ignored...
  2. KaisGuy

    Scammed by LaDre

    Scammed for $1500! LaDre - Real Name: Travis McKinney This dude is scum. Straight up scum! Basically what happened was this: He continually hounded me for...
  3. KaisGuy

    YouTube Research Software - What do you want?

    Hi Guys, So, I have been in the process of well, getting software or a service (whatever you want to call it) developed. The reason? Well, there are multiple actually. For starters, the current software / services out there are just shite. It either lacks what you really want or cant do the...
  4. KaisGuy

    Premium Content Writing Services - Finally get the quality you deserve

    Premium Content Writing Services As every successful webmaster, internet marketer, or blogger will tell you, content is indeed king. You may have the best designed website in the world but if its content can only be described as plain, boring, and lacking in value, then you are better off...
  5. KaisGuy

    Hummingbird - Yet another Google update 2013

    I'm sure that you guys have noticed that Google has gone and updated their algo's again. I have been hit by this one and BADLY. Had a site with multiple Page 1 rankings and *POOF* - they all are gone! Google has quietly retooled the closely guarded formula running its Internet search engine to...
  6. KaisGuy

    ~ BIGGEST & BADDEST YouTube Tips & Tricks Thread! ~

    Hey Guys, Since I have been selling YouTube services, I have had so many people asking about Ranking in YouTube. I have since gone and posted some useful tips and tricks on my thread, but thought it good to have a dedicated thread just for this. There are so many amazing, smart and helpful...
  7. KaisGuy

    ~ HELP STOP Animal Cruelty in the Circus - Help Needed from South Africa!! ~

    Hi fellow BHW Members, I normally don't post things outside of what this forum is about, but I really want to ask for your help regarding a subject that is very close to my heart... animals. See, we have this Circus going around South Africa (Brian Boswell's Circus). It's been extremely...
  8. KaisGuy

    Top Quality YouTube Absolute Retention Views Other Quality Social Media Services

    Please wait a few seconds for the image to load as it is quite large. buy youtube views, buy youtube likes, buy youtube comments, buy youtube, targeted youtube views, retention youtube views, twitter followers, targeted twitter followers, twitter retweets, soundcloud plays, soundcloud downloads...
  9. KaisGuy

    Scammed by SUBAYRUNNER

    Hi guys, Since I run a service on this thread and was scammed by this dude, I feel it's my duty to let all of you Sellers out there know about this guy. This guy sells under the name of Michael Donnely, although his name is really Tushar Patel (I think). Hey buys services using paypal...
  10. KaisGuy

    ~ Looking for TOP QUALITY Social Media Designers -- See Description ~

    Hi, I am in the process of setting up a new model in my business, offering Quality Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter Pages, Youtube Profiles, Linked In Pages, etc. Although I am fairly proficient with Photoshop and the like, I just do not have the time to do it all myself. I am basically...
  11. KaisGuy

    ~ SEO Contracts, Proposals, NDA's, Invoices, and more available ~

    Hey fellow Black Hatters... My previous thread wasn't really all that "noticeable", so I thought it good to write an update. Do you offer a service, but don?t know what documentation to create, use and send to your clients and/or prospects? There is no doubt that you love what you do...
  12. KaisGuy

    ~ SEO & Webdesign Document Automation: What documents would you like? ~

    Hey fellow Blackhatters, So, I have finally decided to create my own service/product and I must say that as much fun as it is... it's also damn stressful. I have seen so many people all over struggling with not know how to create contracts, non-disclosure agreements, invoices, proposals...
  13. KaisGuy

    ~ Looking to Outsource Google Places Services ~

    Im looking to outsource Google Places work from clients, but cannot find anybody on here offering such service. I would appreciate it if those who do offer it contact me. Thanks Ruoall
  14. KaisGuy

    ~ Alexa Ranking ~

    Hi Guys, I have a question. How do websites like increase (decrease) the Alexa rankings of websites. They charge up to $4500 pm for their service. If anybody knows, I'm really interested in how their business model works. Regards, Ruoall
  15. KaisGuy

    ~ The Salty Droid - F*cking Epic ~

    Dudes (and Dudettes)... Man, I have been glued to my PC the whole damn night after coming across: This dude exposes the Shit Bags that refer to themselves as "The Syndicate". Hell and the rest of the so called "Gurus". Now, I'm sure that many of you in the...
  16. KaisGuy

    ~eBook Cover Generator Online 3D Ecover Software~

    Hey Dudes... Came across this cool little site that enables you to create some very decent looking eBook, CD and DVD covers. Totally free of course :) Enjoy! Ruoall
  17. KaisGuy

    ~Niche Blueprint 2.0 Upgrade for $97 - Time Sensitive~

    Hey Guys... I happened to stumble across their upgrade page. This allows you to get the Niche Blueprint 2.0 Course for $97. This might be useful to some. Im actually thinking of taking advantage of this. PS: It ends Monday 18...
  18. KaisGuy

    ~5 000 000 searches a month... no traffic?~

    Hey guys... I really need your help! I am banging my head against a brick wall here as something just doesnt make bloody sense to me... I am willing to tell you my keywords, etc. just to get some help... I have a site ranking between 11th and 18th for the search term "Spyware...
  19. KaisGuy

    ~ Need Help or Assistance Please ~

    Hi Guys, I know there are a couple of people on here that will be able to help me, provide feedback, anything really... Thing is, is that I have a couple of sites. Most of them rank within the top 10 of Google with decent traffic, yet I DO NOT MAKE ANY MONEY! Nothing, Niks, Nada! I...