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  1. devilinside

    How to sell on JVZoo?

    Hello Guys, I am from India and I want to sell my products on JVzoo. But due to PayPal limitations, Indians can't sell on JVzoo because everyday the money in Indian PayPal account is transferred to their bank accounts. The JVzoo support said that, they can't do anything. They suggested that I...
  2. devilinside

    Why only tags and categories are getting indexed?

    I have just started my new blog, it's been 3 days. When i checked on google with this format '' only categories and tags are indexed. Posts are indexed in this way>tag>abc. I have deindexed tags and categories with yoast seo but now no posts are showing up on Google.
  3. devilinside

    jvzoo question

    Hello BHW, I want to launch my product on jvzoo. Is there Any extra charges to post there? suggest other websites. Who offer to post on comision basis. Thanks in advance
  4. devilinside

    Newbie need help for blog

    Hello BHW, I started a blog for credit card and credit card debt solutions. I post articles about solution for credit card debts. I will do SEO on it now. Can anybody tell me the best way to monetize it Help would be appreciated.
  5. devilinside

    Best way for monetizing direct movies download Blog

    Hello guys, My first post on BHW. I was reading many methods for a while on BHW. Now I have purchased a domain and attached it with Blogger. I have started a Direct movie download blog. Can anybody tell me best method to monitize my blog.Thanks in advance (sorry for bad english)