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  1. Yogesh1998

    [Giveaway] Expired Tumblrs Usernames

    Wanted to give something back to the community so sharing some expired Tumblrs. I haven't checked the PA of these but they are all expired and available to register! Just pick a username from below and put them in the username field while registering :) grind-on-glass legend-of-genji...
  2. Yogesh1998

    [Need Opinion] [Poll] How many of you would like an Expired Tumblr Scraper for a small fee?

    As the title suggests, I want to know how many people would be actually interested in an Expired Tumblr Scraper considering you get it for a small one-time fee? I created the bot and I was thinking of selling it here. It will be a big investment for me to get JVIP and a BST up so, looking for...
  3. Yogesh1998

    [WTH] A Bot Coder for a Very Simple Task

    Hi, I am looking for a Bot Coder who can code a simple bot for Account Creation (Will tell the site later). The account creation process doesn't require any Email/Phone verification but does requires a captcha. 1) I want to know how much will it cost. 2) If you think you can do this, Hit me up...
  4. Yogesh1998

    [WTH] A Bot Coder to create a Bot for an Android App!

    Hi, I am in need of a Bot Coder who can create a bot to Automate some processes on an Android App. Hit me up on Skype - yjet79 Thanks!
  5. Yogesh1998

    Is there a bot for this?

    Hi All, I want to know if there is any bot which brings likes on comments. If yes, are they paid or free? I would really like to know the names. Regards!
  6. Yogesh1998

    [Method] Make your First $$ Online! - Requires Small Initial Investment

    Hi All! This is my second thread on BHW and the first one discussing about any method. I have been reading the Making Money section from a while and have learnt a lot of new methods, and other things. I wanted to share a method, that I know, with other members here. This method is Pretty...
  7. Yogesh1998

    [GET] AddMeFast Bot Working for Free!

    Hi All! This is my first thread on this forum. I am a member since 2014 but wasn't active at all. A few months ago, I started reading through the threads here and got a lot of information. I started making some $ and still working on it. I wanted to give something back to the community, so, I am...