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  1. Matt707

    How To Start YouTube Bot Comments In 2021?

    Hey guys, So we have an offer that works great being promoted via YouTube comments. But I want to know the best, most sustainable way to do this today in 2021? What are some of the pitfalls and mistakes to avoid and what are some tips you guys have? Also, what is the best bot/tool to use that...
  2. Matt707

    Best Practices For Purchasing Instagram Accounts

    So I'm looking for an Instagram account in the luxury/motivation niche with 200k+ followers. But I'm not even sure where to begin. What are some of the most trustworthy places to search and how can you REALLY verify the followers are real? There are so many ways to fake real looking engagement...
  3. Matt707

    Mailing 65k Scraped Instagram Emails

    Hey guys, So we've created a tool that quickly scrapes emails from Instagram profiles and we now have a list of 65,000 emails. The question is, what is the smartest, most efficient, and safest way to consistently cold email these leads without getting blacklisted within days? Are there any...
  4. Matt707

    Amazon Workspaces for Facebook Ad Accounts?

    Hey guys, So we've scaled to the point of having to expand to using remote desktops and etc for running multiple Facebook ad accounts. My question is do you believe Amazon Workspaces would be safe to run these on? I'm not sure how this will show up on Facebook's end as far as the IP address...
  5. Matt707

    Need A Timed Form Submission Tool

    Hey guys, I'm going to keep this short and concise to what I'm looking for. I need a tool that can submit 5 custom fields of data from a CSV file into a web form at random intervals throughout the day. This sounds simple, yet I haven't been able to find something to accomplish this yet. Any...
  6. Matt707

    Should I Delete And Create New Accounts Or Re-Use Old Ones?

    Hey guys, I have a curious question about Instagram account limits. I know how Instagram works like the back of my hand, but this is something I've always wondered and would like to see if anybody can fill me in. If you delete an Instagram account, does that still count toward the total number...
  7. Matt707

    How Do People Build "Review Spam" Sites Like These?

    I've seen these pop up for a ton of different search terms. ClickFunnels in particular. These sites have one massive piece of content duplicated to hundreds, sometimes thousands of articles all customized with a different keyword to pop up in search. And they work! For example, if you search...
  8. Matt707

    FollowLiker Question: How To Post Same Images Over and Over

    I have a question I can't seem to find answered anywhere on the internet about FollowLiker. I want to set it up to continuously post the same set of 250 product photos to a profile, but once an image is posted FollowLiker places it into a "history" folder. So once it runs through all 250 images...
  9. Matt707

    [METHOD] How I Made $4,293.49 Selling MAGA Hats on Facebook With ClickFunnels (And Free Traffic)

    First off let’s get this out of the way right now... I don’t give a damn what your political opinions are and they have no place in this thread regardless of how politically charged the niche may be. I’m sure this method works just as well with left-leaning politicians. I chose Trump related...
  10. Matt707

    How to Avoid Overlap in FollowLiker?

    We're about to scale up a successful traffic campaign we have going in FollowLiker by adding 5-10 more accounts, but I'm not sure how to avoid overlap and following the same users over and over with the different accounts. Is there are way or best practice to avoid this? Some type of shared...
  11. Matt707

    How to Repost Shopify Exchange Listings

    Recently we've had a ton of luck quickly flipping Shopify stores through their Shopify Exchange website. But we just noticed that our most recent listings were posting without screenshots/photos due to some bug or our own mistake. Does anybody know of a way to repost our listings and actually...
  12. Matt707

    Quick Question About Facebook Fans/Followers Engagement

    I'm working on setting up a personal profile with "followers" (Like Zuckerberg has) instead of a fan page for a client. Does buying fake "followers" drop engagement the same way fake "fans/likes" does?
  13. Matt707

    Best way to Phone Verify Instagram Accounts in 2017?

    So I have about 10 aged (2 years) Instagram accounts that need to be SMS verified. What is the best way to go about this today? I've tried using smspva already, but that only lasted a week before asking for verification again. If someone knows of a good service or method for doing this in 2017...
  14. Matt707

    Best Way to Scale Shopify + Instagram Business From Here?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for someone who can advise me on how to to scale one of my drop-shipping business. I have a Shopify store selling jewelry in a specific niche that I'm marketing strictly on Instagram right now with FollowLiker. What is the best way you would suggest to scale this business...
  15. Matt707

    FollowLiker and Hashtags?

    I've read many threads saying that if you include hashtags directly in captions for shared photos they will not show up in Instagram feeds? Is this true? Or should I start using the "first comment" feature for the hashtags? Obviously I'll be testing this for myself this coming week, but it...
  16. Matt707

    How to keep posting same images with FollowLiker?

    Two Followliker questions in one day... One of our shops has been doing fantastic with FollowLiker auto posting 2-3 product images a day all with spun captions, BUT this past week it stopped posting completely. I've done a bit of research and I've concluded that it's not the proxy/IP being...
  17. Matt707

    How to Import FollowLiker Photos/Captions

    I have a spreadsheet full of general comments for my niche and a folder of photos. Is there any way to have FollowLiker post random photos from the folder with random captions from a list? How would we go about doing this? Thanks
  18. Matt707

    Should I Run One or Multiple Instances of FollowLiker?

    Hey guys, So I have a question about FollowLiker. Is it more effective to run one or multiple instances of FollowLiker (Instagram) for multiple accounts? Which will run faster/more effective? Should I have one instance open with all my accounts? A few instances with a few accounts each or one...
  19. Matt707

    Best Private Proxy Seller For FollowLiker in 2017?

    Who can recommend a good source for private proxies for FollowLiker (Instagram) in 2017? Or which are you currently using / have experience with? Thanks!
  20. Matt707

    Fitness Niche Offers: Male or Female Audience?

    I'm working with a client on building an Instagram fitness page with the goal of building an email list and promoting CPA offers. I've noticed that the majority of succesful fitness pages currently on Instagram are featuring mostly photos of hot girls in tights and other fitness gear. You've...