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  1. meannn

    This is why SHIB will skyrocket!

  2. meannn

    Tesla will soon accept SHIBA as a payment, here is why:

    After a lot of investigation done myself, I am thinking strongly that Tesla will soon accept SHIBA as a payment, Tesla webpage's source code includes shiba = Oh and if you want to see the page code, here we go and search yourself ...
  3. meannn

    Bill Gates came to my town :D

    Anyone want me to ask him something ?
  4. meannn

    How the heck can this be ????!!!!!!

    Facebook just randomly removes our ads, but look what some people advertise >>>> And the link goes to >>...
  5. meannn

    Amazon dating - is it real or troll ?

    I am serious, is it real or someone trolling ?
  6. meannn

    John McAfee found dead in Spanish jail after court approves extradition

    Sad news... And for sure there are some myths on this suspectful death... He probably suicided, because if he is sent to USA, he would face a lot of years in jail.
  7. meannn

    Can Anyone tell me am I hacked ?

    I cant shutdown my PC...
  8. meannn

    John McAfee arrested

    I always hate McAfee antivirus
  9. meannn

    I just saw Bill on Tinder

  10. meannn

    Colombian teacher forgets to close the remote lesson, and the students saw him getting good times with his wife

    Ooops :D
  11. meannn

    Which mass emailing method you use ?

    I want to know what works for sending mass emails (hundreds of thousands daily) There are some options; 1- Getting many Amazon accounts for sns service 50k per each daily (but its easy to get banned if they see you spam) 2- Getting many Gmail accouns for using their smtp (2k daily per each...
  12. meannn

    ✅ Who lost motivation ? Here is your motivation >
  13. meannn

    Insurance company: "You hit......"

  14. meannn

    Which sms sending strategy do you use ?

    Hi fellas, Which sms sending strategy do you use ? Amazon sms sending looks cheapest on the web, however so easy to get banned as they see you are spamming. Any ideas ?
  15. meannn

    Crazy UK neighbour :D

    Anyone from UK here ? Are UK people talk like this ? Not sure which one is funny, the english diction or the old crazy lady lol!
  16. meannn

    Biggest scam in history, he scammed 2 billion dollars

    Today I was shocked on the news, it says that a cryptocurrency platform Thodex in Turkey (my country) owner ( faruk fatih özer ) has took all the money and close the system, and fly to Thailand from :D News says that the system had 2 billion usd from 400,000 people...
  17. meannn

    Best e-mailing service for high numbers ?

    Hi bhw ers, Based on your experience, whats is the best e-mailing service for large sending (Millions in a month) ? Please do not suggest me sendgrid, mailchimp etc. Thanks
  18. meannn

    How can these search engines use adsense, and they use adwords as well ?

    This search engines comes and takes control your homepage, they also advertise on google search to their search results of what you search on Google, there are many of these sites, anyone has idea how they can do it, basically I think you cant use adsense ads on search results ...
  19. meannn

    Yahoo Answers to shut down May 4, 2021

    Yahoo has made the decision to shut down Yahoo Answers. To better assist you with this transition we've compiled a list of questions that may come up for you during this process. Damn, world is really changing.
  20. meannn

    Need motivation ? Check how this guy earns $340k/month

    90% of BHW is; sadly, tricking people to click ads, buying fake instagram followers, spam and etc. I think the blackhat should be in our blood, but in a different way. You should make something that at least benefit to user. You should get BHW methods to get traffic for your good product for...