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    Poll: SSD VPS or HD VPS

    SSD are best but it will increase the cost as well. If you need high performance then you can go for SSD
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    My Site Is Down BCZ Maximum daily average CPU load

    Cloudflare can help you, but can you let me know if you are using any kind of CMS like wordpress ?? Yes you need to restrict the access from .htaccess file. Also disable public access to the xmlrpc page. Can you ask the hosting support for the exact logs like what kind of attempts to which page...
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    need advise regarding webserver for streaming

    You should go for the dedicated server. Anyways please let me know the below details. The streaming bit rate you’ll use ? How long your event will last, in minutes ? Let say if you use 500 Kbps as the bit rate and that video length is 10 minutes then size of that files is 10MB. First convert...
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    What is the best and ......... web hosting provider for small eCommerce business ?

    Best, reliable and cheap will not go side by side. If you want good hosting service and uptime you need to pay more. Anyways you can start with the shared hosting but can you let me know what volume of traffic you can expect for your site ? Also since eCommerce business include the transaction...
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    What is the best and ......... web hosting provider for small eCommerce business ?

    It's better for you if you visit the market place in this URL you will get the information about the active hot deals. Also you can check the shit list to avoid unreliable hosting provider. I...
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    blog traffic

    Just search in google with this " get hight traffic for new blog site"
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    New Website SEO help

    Just search like this " seo for new website" over google and you will see the related threads.
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    how to find unlimited backlinks FREE?

    This article is very useful. Specially the links thanks !
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    What are Differences between managed server and unmanaged server

    Managed server: - Hosting provider is responsible to monitor your server and they should fix any kind of issue. - Most of the hosting provider give backup server in managed server. - In can of any issue you can contact them and they will fix the issue without asking for additional money. -...
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    [Get] Free 6 Month Hacking Proof Grid Pro Web Hosting - Indians Only

    I have been there with them of a month and there is zero down time. They use to reply my ticket within minutes that too for free hosting. Support is excellent they have setup my site without asking them. They are simply awesome. Thanks a tones guys
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    Dedicated Server Config - Any One Help me Plzz

    Can you provide more information !! - What is the OS of the server. - Provider name - What you are trying to do ? - Type of server managed customer manage ? Did you contacted your host about the setup what they said ? Are you trying to configure the domain in deidicated server ? Please...
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    502 gateway error

    Just contact your host and report this issue. I suppose your site is using some CMS and it's seems to bee either Brute force or some kind of attack in the site which might causing this. Just try to check access log of the site and see if you find the lot of acces from since IP address.
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    Wordpress theme recommendations?

    Check out my site. I'm using flatter theme and it's damm cool and easy to use.
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    Can any one suggest BEST Dedicated server?

    Can you manage the dedicate server by yourself? Do you have that much technical knowledge ? If you just check the dedicated server in SoyouStart it's a part of OVH and I can assure you that the performance of the server is best. I have used SoyouStart servers personally.
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    Best vps?

    You can refer BHW URL: for more details about the hot deals. Selection between the Windows and shared server is depends on your hosting need. Your site is PHP based or ASP.NET. If it's php based go for linux hosting and if it's ASP.NET based then...
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    Wordpress Developer

    Still looking ? PM me. May be I can help you out.
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    ▀▄ Reseller/Master Reseller Hosting ▀▄ ONLY $6/Year! → FREE SSL, Templates, More

    This sounds like a trap to me. Any reviews those who has already used ?
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    Looking For VPS

    Aren't you see it's too old post ?
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    Looking for FREE TRIAL Windows VPS providers

    As mentioned you can use AWS for free that too for 1 year. However after that OS installation you will only get around 7GB of free space. What is your exact need you want to host side of want to run application ? It's really hard to find the free VPS hosting, since it costs a lot to providers...
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    where got best server

    If you are looking for professional hosting, then I would suggest you to look for the 3essentials hosting, they are the BEST.