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  1. sageshark asking to deposit $100 to become a 'Reliable' seller. Should I go for it?

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to get your opinion about this thing. I recently created an account with and listed my website there so that I can get backlink requests. My website got approved by them. Today I got an email from Adsy asking me to deposit $100 so that my profile will appear as...
  2. sageshark

    Selling One Camtasia 2019 Video Editor Software - Single User - Lifetime License

    Hello Everyone, I have one single license of Camtasia Video editing software (Win) that I had purchased in 2019. I want to sell it at discounted price now. Why I want to sell it? I no longer edit videos myself. I have a team that do it for me and they have different software that they use, so...
  3. sageshark

    Celebrating 76th Independence Day of India ... Best wishes to BHW members!

    Friends, Today is 15th August - Independence Day on India! ... and we are celebrating 75 years of Independence. There are numerous cultures and festivals in India but this is the biggest festival for all of us Indians and we celebrate it with much enthusiasm and passion. It means a lot to us...
  4. sageshark

    Which Social Media Platform Brings the Most Traffic to Your Blog or Website? (Serious Question)

    Hi Fellow BHW members, Can you please share which social media platform brings most traffic to your website or blog? It may be organic or paid, doesn't matter. Please share the name of the platform - Facebook. Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram or anything else?
  5. sageshark

    [Giveaway] I Am Giving iStock Premium Videos to BHW members. (2 Videos per Member)

    Hello wonderful members of BHW community! I have premium access to iStockPhoto videos. I am not using these videos in my projects till August 2022. So I thought why not give these videos to BHW community members for use in their projects? These are high quality original videos...
  6. sageshark

    [Giveaway] I will give Images from my premium account (2 images per person)

    Hi fellow BHW members. I have a premium Freepik dot com account and I can download 100 premium images per day. I do not use all these images myself. So I thought why not share them with the community! So if you require any premium image from Freepik dot com to use in your projects, you can...
  7. sageshark

    How many 301 Redirects are OK?

    I have been preaching since years that too many 301 redirects are not good for your sites seo. I have myself experienced this when once I removed 400+ urls in my site and redirected them to other new websites the ranking and traffic of my website dropped. I have been very very conscious about it...
  8. sageshark

    How Do You Manage SPAM Traffic to Your Website?

    You might have noticed the spam traffic to your websites from countries like Nepal, Hong Kong and Indonesia. Sometimes it comes from the United States as well. It is a spam bot traffic that has 100% bounce rate. It spoils the bounce rate and user stay time in your website. How do you deal with...
  9. sageshark

    Glad to be a part of BHW - Looking forward to Contribute, Help Others, Learn, Earn and Grow Here!

    Hello everyone, I am SageShark, an Online Marketer for the past 17 years. I have been watching BHW for last many years but never thought to join it really. Few days ago I decided to join this wonderful community and I am feeling very good about it now. In last few days I have read several...
  10. sageshark

    Sharing My Journey with a Fresh Website with Detailed Analytics

    Friends, I just thought to share my journey with a fresh website that I created 3 months ago. I haven’t worked seriously on this project because of my busy schedule. Still I observed a slow growth in its organic traffic, so I have decided to start working on it and see the results in coming 6...