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  1. ezines

    [ASK] What Product Comparison Table Review Plugin Is This Website Using?

    I need a product comparison table review plugin just like this one in the image below; Anyone got any idea what is the name of the plugin...if it is a plugin, or how this is done? Here is the source of that table and I've seen a lot of these styles...but I don't know what plugin they are...
  2. ezines

    [GET] Wordpress Security Protection Against Hackers and Crackers (Kindle Edition)

    Free of charged only at the following dates 29th 30th 31st January, 2013 Book Description Publication Date: April 12, 2012 Wordpress Security Is your Wordpress website REALLY as safe as you think it is...
  3. ezines

    [ASK] What Theme Are These Websites Using And The Slider?

    I hope I'm in the right section for asking this question. Mods, if I'm in the wrong section, please move the thread appropriately. I'm wondering what theme are these websites are using, as well as the slider if it comes built-in with the theme. At first, it looks like lifestyle child theme for...
  4. ezines

    [ASK] Srapebox Settings

    I'm trying to scrape a website using; But, when scraping is finished 99% of the results were removed. Actually, this message appears; Is there something wrong with my settings that it automatically removed the URLs? Where can I find this setting? Tried looking, but can't...
  5. ezines

    [ASK]How To Customize Google Custom Search?

    Whenever I put a Custom Google Search in Thesis header, the search box become slimmer or smaller. But when I put it in the sidebar it has the same size as the search button. How can I make it the same size as the Search button? Please refer to the image below;
  6. ezines

    Anthony Aires And Paypal Phone Conversation About Closed Paypal Account

    Maybe you're interested in listening to this recorded phone conversation. It's about Anthony Aires appealing to paypal to re-open is closed account. ...and what paypal thought about WSOs.