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    How to rank this?

    and there's your problem.
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    Best phone for an IM'er?

    Jennifer, is that you?
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    An SEO expert walks into bar...

    Holy crap, I shit you not I was going to post that exact thing. Great minds think alike lol
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    BEWARE of this douche on BHW...............

    Indeed. Although drop shipping may seem like a short cut to other methods of stock, it can be very time consuming and when customers want a refund or things go missing in the post, the problems will start piling up. And the last thing you want is a 10 year old phoning up customers/courrier...
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    My MILLION DOLLAR IDEA! What do you think?

    Why are you t a l k i n g like t h i s
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    You thought your camera was good?

    Yeah I was shocked too. Really cool stuff.
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    You thought your camera was good?

    Check this out. Its a crowd of people and you can zoom right onto their face. Not sure why im sharing this, Its Friday night and Im bored...
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    PBN building tip!

    Thats what I was thinking. Im currently in the process of making my first PBN and Im trying to be very careful with any footprints and although the method OP suggests is great, do you think Google will flag up our sites if they all use this method?
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    Protect Your self

    A bit random, but this is the lounge so I guess it Ok. I actually watched the whole thing, the African guys accent was cool.
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    14 million views in 10 days

    It would be so funny if he said at the end "dont forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter"
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    Any Flipa Expert here ? lets earn Million Per Months

    Theres a chap who goes by the name MeatHead1234, he knows his shit and knows how to calculate website values based on many variables. Here's his profile: I suggest you PM him
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    Teacher gives her student a lap dance for his birthday

    At our high school, we had a Geography teacher who slept with a senior student and eventually got to Facebook. The teacher ended up running away and nobody knew/knows where she went. She was also really hot lol
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    A Comfortable Mouse For IM?

    A mouse that had a forward and back button is very useful when browsing the web
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    Hard out here in these streets,

    Shady 2.0... oh God.
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    Odd computer problems.

    Computers are so fast nowadays that you cant really tell if its infected or not since it would run fast either way. It seems like it could be some nasty adware. Try using Spyware Doctor if malwarebytes doesnt work.
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    Can you post one item as an auction and as BIN at the same time?

    Why not have both a buy it now and auction in the same listing?
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    Manchester United fire David Moyes

    Some good points mentioned here and to think he signed a 6 year contact when he first started lol
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    Manchester United fire David Moyes

    Surprising move? Would like to hear your guys opinions
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    Hello BHW world! I am CEO of CashFire Network

    Poor guy, doesn't get all the CEOsam jokes. Welcome aboard buddy.
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    playing hard to get

    A customer is a customer, even if profit margins are low, you still are getting another customer, who might (depending on your work) ask you for other projects and pay higher or even more valuable they might refer friends to you which means even more customers.