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  1. eternalwarrior

    Google Proxy in Analytics Stats

    Can anyone tell what does Google Proxy means? I am seeing this in statcounter stats. Also those visits are coming from Google search.
  2. eternalwarrior

    Dropped Expired domains VS Auction Domains

    What's the difference between expired domains that are dropped vs expired domains that are from auction? Read somewhere that dropped expired domains has zero SEO benefits while auctioned domains do have benefits. Would like to see other people's opinion on it.
  3. eternalwarrior

    Who Moved To AMD Ryzen Processor?

    I moved to AMD Ryzen from Intel i3 two months ago. And I am happy with it. Price is super reasonable and performance is great!! Can't believe how AMD made a comeback from near bankruptcy with their Ryzen processor! Did you move to AMD? How is the performance treating you?
  4. eternalwarrior

    Shopping Cart for Digital Products

    Which is the best shopping cart for selling digital product or services? I am looking for one for using it in BHW marketplace Thanks
  5. eternalwarrior

    Regarding ISP tracking

    Can ISP track what site I am visiting and what I am doing in the internet?
  6. eternalwarrior

    Looking for a QUALITY Guest Posting/Outreach Vendor

    Hi, I am looking for a vendor who can outrearch or guest post in sites for the following niches: Sports, kitchen, tools, outdoor/travelling/camping and home improvement And the site must have at least 500 traffic, and 100 reffering domain (based on Ahref data).
  7. eternalwarrior

    GeneralDating Offer Needed

    Hi, I have mobile traffic. Looking for offer for Philipine and other Asian GEOs Thanks
  8. eternalwarrior

    What song used in this video?

    Need a favour. Can anyone tell me what song is used in this video?
  9. eternalwarrior

    who browse BHW from a tiny island?

    I track clicks from my signature banner and noticed that one of the click came from an island of only 109,643 people!! Someone must be relaxing and browsing BHW from that island lol
  10. eternalwarrior

    Need Copywriter for Sales Page

    need a copywriter for sales page. interested candidate please PM me
  11. eternalwarrior

    Need Quick Help

    Hi, I have java script in lander. It executes redirect function when a visitor clicks the mouse on any location. I want to stop the redirect but want to keep the date element. Here's the code: <script>var currentDate=new Date();var...
  12. eternalwarrior

    Do Bing Ads Really Work?

    I have tried bing ads with nearly $500 spend. All were from coupon. But the result is FAT zero. Is bing ads dead or what? Anyone getting result with bing ads? Or is it that using bing ad coupon will not bring result unless I deposit money from my card??
  13. eternalwarrior

    Why Are You An Entrepreneur?

    Some people say it's because there are more money to be made being an entrepreneur. But I am pursuing entrepreneur lifestyle because I value freedom over money. Though I am not making much right now, but I am enjoying the lifestyle simply because of freedom. What motivates you to embark on...
  14. eternalwarrior

    Do Dress Up Matters In Business Meeting?

    Do dress up matters? I think yes. I have noticed that when I dress up in suit with tie for a meeting, people respond to me with respect. But it's the opposite when I don't wear suit and tie but only formal shirt. Anyone noticed this when dressing up differently for a business occasion?
  15. eternalwarrior

    What tool do you use for Project management?

    I use Trello to organize my project and task. What about you?
  16. eternalwarrior

    [Manual Web 2.0 Creation Service] High Quality and Dirt Cheap with Unique Content

    What Will We Do * We do COMPLETELY manual blog creation. We don't use any software. * We do manual spinning to generate unique readable content * We embed relevant image and video inside content * We maintain proper anchor text distribution to be safe from Google update * We interlink all the...
  17. eternalwarrior

    Regarding Silo Structure

    Hey mate, I have a question regarding silo. I am making a silo theme and I did the following: 1. homepage linking to all categories page say a, b, c 2. each category page a, b, c linking to post related to category 3. each post would link to homepage, category page the post belonging to...
  18. eternalwarrior

    Getting URL parameter from redirect URL

    How do I get URL parameter from redirect URL? Like the redirect url here is{keyword} which will be redirected to I want the parameter of the redirect URL "{keyword}" to be received by the final page and show it up...
  19. eternalwarrior

    Need Help On Permalink Redirect

    I've just changed my permalinks from /%postname%/ to /%postname%.html So all links which are in /%postname%/ are showing 404 error. I want to redirect those links to /%postname%.html in order to avoid 404 error. Waiting for the response.