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  1. bangun tidur

    [ASK] Weird SERP Question?!

    Lately serp has been really weird this day and we know it because May Core update because some of the site i've working always high in traffic and after may 5 exactly it just go down to almost no impression. But i don't want to blame but instead i want to share a little bit about my trouble...
  2. bangun tidur

    Shit List Against RankPapa @Warrenway

    Hello, recently i just got some trouble with the Rank Papa Hosting who has been owned by @Warrenway Actually i don't want to do this but it has make me feel unsecure because of him So the problem is like this : i started using rankpapa since November 2019 i think and it was almost half year...
  3. bangun tidur

    How long of no respond till i can use "shit list" ?

    hello there is some seller that selling seo hosting in BHW , i used to use his hosting for 5 month but now his hosting is giving me a 404 for all my PBN and it make me nervous that my moneysite would go down rank because all the pbn is getting 404. and now i try to contact their support because...
  4. bangun tidur

    Ahref Keyword Volume Decreasing to Half! is this ERROR?

    hello anyone here notice that ahref keyword volume is decreasing to half for some keyword? so in this morning i just check out my site that 1 keyword that i rank at top 1 is changing from 21K keyword volume becoming only 9K keyword volume. and not only this one i check other keyword that is...
  5. bangun tidur

    [ASK] What to do if PBN get Deindex? Should I Delete The Domain?

    Hello, i know around this weeks there is some algorthim changing with google and some of your PBN might get deindex, and now i have 1 of my pbn this last week that get deindex, but luckily i always use a diverse way to keep clean the footprint. But here what i confuse a bit, should i keep the...
  6. bangun tidur

    Did buy Service from BHW Seller Outside The Marketplace Safe?

    Hello all, sry to ask this it maybe a little bit funny to you all. But still i curios to ask this since i want to be safe everytime i surfing the internet to buy something. So here i already buy some of bhw seller service many times that have thread in marketplace, but now some of the seller...
  7. bangun tidur

    (HELP) Google Search Result Keep Showing My Mobile Page Instead Of My Dekstop Version why?

    hello all i have issue here when ever google bot especially google bot smartphone indexing my site it keep changing my search result into my mobile version that have no seo feature because it only be used for my mobile visitor to download and app for my game instead of playing through browser...
  8. bangun tidur

    Is it link wheel technique good?

    Hello i just buying a new seo backlink from some guy and he teach me to support my site with some link wheel technique and i heard it before that link wheel technique is very bad but he tell link wheel is work just fine for him and not damage anything. So i need a solution to this can any body...
  9. bangun tidur

    Did anyone know how to make gsa content generator 100% free plagiarsm

    hello i just recently bought gsa content generator i already try to learn and use this tools but every time i make an article for gsa ser i notice the minimum plagiarsm can't be 100% free plagiarsm because every time i try to export the article and make the minimum free plagiarsm to 100% it...
  10. bangun tidur

    Did anybody know accurate bulk page indexed checker tools?

    i really need some bulk indexed checker tools because i can't check manually all my backlink that i created if the count was to many. and i already use some tool i can find in google but not look so accurate so i need to ask it in here maybe some one really kind will tell me :) thank you
  11. bangun tidur

    Is there any bulk page indexed checker tools that really accurate?

    hello recently i using some of the tools that i find in google for bulk check indexed page but some tools not really accurate because it say indexed but when i manually check in google with "site:URL" it was not index so i don't think it was accurate. can any body pls tell me some accurate bulk...
  12. bangun tidur

    My site show up on but not in local google

    hello recently i just check my site already indexed or not by doing it manualy using "site:" and the site is already index in but when i check it in which is google for indonesian country it does not indexed yet. is this 2 google count the same or not? is it already good...
  13. bangun tidur

    How to use adword for illegal casino site

    hello i am a new member here and i want to know can any body use adword for illegal content because mine keep getting rejected while before it never get rejected. so is there still away to use adword for illegal content