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  1. superboyprime2014

    YouTube Comments

    Hey peeps, looking for someone who can provide 25-50 comments per video, upon upload. Thanks for your time.
  2. superboyprime2014

    People passing YouTube 301 mark within the hour. How is that possible?

    Lately I've seen only a select few people who have posted a video on youtube and right away (meaning within the hour of uploading) their video reaches 350 views, 400 views, 2000 views, etc. I am wondering how that could be possible? I have a few theories. First, I think they upload unlisted and...
  3. superboyprime2014

    Need Private YT HR Views Service Help

    I've been looking for days on end for the right website / service / or person who can provide views for a reasonable price on a daily basis. I am looking for people who would be able to work with me daily and for a negotiable price on the amount of views you provide. I am looking for people who...
  4. superboyprime2014

    Hello bhw! Wazzup?!?!

    How's it going people. Been around this forum for quite some time and finally decided to sign up along the rest. Trying to find ways to grow my business!!! Hope I find the right help. Enjoy your weekend!