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  1. Vlad71

    Looking for a coder to make a simple site

    hello basically i almost have the website ready i just need a javascript code to send emails automatically pm me if u can do that
  2. Vlad71

    Looking for someone who knows python + selenium

    Hello friends, I'm looking for someone who can write me a python script which implements into a browser with selenium It would be a very basic code Msg me for skype
  3. Vlad71

    Need a guy to scrape pictures

    I need scraped pictures from vsco, I got a mass downloader tool, you gotta scrap the pics then filter them manually deleting the unnecessary ones. Hit me up here for skype contact
  4. Vlad71

    Looking for a BTC wallet that:

    1) Allows instantaneous purchase and then sending 2) Has minimal fees 3) Isn't overly complicated to use 4) Of course, also safe, secure, etc. etc. 5) Allows me to use it in my current locality Failures: -Blockchain (doesn't work where I live) -Coinbase (no instantaneous send) -Exodus (couldn't...
  5. Vlad71

    [WTB] US Tinder Tokens

    I am looking forward buying tinder tokens created in the US, the tokens should last at least 24 hours, DM me if you are selling
  6. Vlad71

    How often you drink alchohol ?

    Besides I'm just 19, I'm drinking almost every Saturday when I go partying, what about you guys ?
  7. Vlad71

    Arabic translation help

    Hello guys, Im looking to understand what this tattoo means. Its in arabic. Thanks
  8. Vlad71

    Have 30$, how should I advertise ?

    Hello, I have 30$ to spend, and I am looking to find a way to promote my LP. I made around 2-3 cpa yt videos, and wasted around 60$, since that doesnt work for me... Do you have any suggestions guys in which I can invest at least half of the money, and have a good ROI ?
  9. Vlad71

    My first ever IM invoice from OGads!

    Hello BHW Yesterday I got my first payment from doing CPA and working with OGads I found out this website around February and I started reading at least a month till 25th of March when I took action and built my strategy which I learned from you guys! (Cant upload pictures from my phone...
  10. Vlad71

    I suck at school

    Hello guys, I have a pretty bad feeling about this year at my high school. I will need you help to make it out :D I encounter problems at these subjects: 1. Math 2. Programming 3. Database MySQL I think when you suck at math, you suck at all of these, so... I have 1.5 month to make better...
  11. Vlad71

    School project NEED help

    Hello I have a project to make a site with html, as well make a login form + mysql database. I have no idea how should I do that since I am noob at proggraming, I have more knowledge on html. I would love if someone helps me since that is th4 main factor if I will finish school this year :D :P
  12. Vlad71

    Problem with ripping sites with .js and domain

    Hello guys, today I ripped off a landing page, which had a proper working .js file, which shows a fake recently live tab, also a bar which fills up, and when it "loads" it shows a random key. I wanted to take it but when I upload it on my domain, it doesnt work properly. Also I can only access...
  13. Vlad71

    Shopify store and aliexpress

    Hello guys, I have a really good idea with shopify store, but I am noob at this. Currently I dont have anything and I will need your help, cuz I only have my idea for now, which I am going to realize. So I already found an item in aliexpress worth 2$, I am looking to sell it for 8$ + ePacket to...
  14. Vlad71

    Ranking/Keywords/Strikes + CPA

    Hello guys, currently I am doing IG and CPA, but I want to expand with Youtube and CPA. I have some questions: 1.Where and how I can find keywords for my niche and where do I put these keywords ? 2.How to rank these videos ? 3.Should I buy views/likes, or I can use exchange sites, if so can you...
  15. Vlad71

    Instagram + CPA/CPI questions

    Hello guys currently I am running this method for 2 days with 3 accounts + Jarvee, and it seems quite useful. Earned so far: CPA: 9.50$ (6 leads); Adult niche CPI: 4.47$ (Around 20-30 leads); Fake Hacks Niche My questions are: 1.Would you invest in such a niche (fake giveaway,fake follows,hack...
  16. Vlad71

    {Journey} IG + CPI/CPA

    Hello BHW users, I was searching for some ideas, and this seems to be the one I liked the most. So today I started an Instagram account about a niche which is kinda popular, but it seems like it gets the job done for now. I am using Jarvee on my PC which will work 24/7. I will get tomorrow a...
  17. Vlad71

    Journey to a fighting street videos with facebook

    Hello guys, you may already read my last post about this.. the thing is that I am struggling to find new videos of guys fighting on the street. I would love to have some tips where should I look for them. Thanks in advance. Hope I am not breaking the rules by posting this thread, if so please a...
  18. Vlad71

    Facebook Page 91k Likes..

    Hello fellas, I have a facebook page with 91k pure likes. No bots, or anything.. The thing is I want to monetize it and start another journey. Is there anyway to monetize it, since the niche is pretty unpopular(fighting niche) I post videos of people fighting and stuff.. Is there anyway to...
  19. Vlad71

    10$ per day goal, using IG + Snapchat + CPA/PPC

    Hello guys, currently I am starting my journey as my goal is 10$/day. I am starting an IG account with some girls pics in it, using some hashtags, and following other people wishing for a follow back. tl;dr I am warming up the IG account. My idea is to gain expand my IG account, and then put a...