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  1. sageshark

    Best WordPress Autoblogging plugin that offers an unlimited site license?

    @Daemon Thank you for sharing the list. It is really helpful compilation of auto blogging tools. Personally I had a good experience with WPRSS Aggregator. I am also having good time with WordPress Automatic Plugin by Valvepress. Sounds interesting. Please tell me what footprints plugins leave...
  2. sageshark

    What are some tips to make my channel more secure ?

    It is good that you have enabled the (2FA). In most of the cases it is enough to secure your account. However as @RankOn has rightly suggested, always check the permissions you give to third party apps. For example I only trust Tube Buddy (though I am not endorsing or vouching for it for any...
  3. sageshark

    Should I start link building

    Thank you my friend :) BHW community is blessed with many hero's who contribute with their knowledge and expertise and make peoples lives easier and prosperous!
  4. sageshark

    Is there any way I can improve my AI content?

    Very true. I often feel like using the AI but then I change my mind fearing the outputs that reads too mechanical without human touch. I have had very unpleasant experience with AI. AI is only good for tasks to fill content gaps and need strict human monitoring.
  5. sageshark

    Youtube channel shut down

    Quite possible that someone might have reported your content. What kind of content did you produce?
  6. sageshark

    Need To know about Guest Post Platform

    Adsy will ask you to deposit $100 to be a verified account. I already have account with it, haven't got any offer yet. They say if I deposit $100 then I will be recognized as a serious seller. I am not impressed with this at all.
  7. sageshark

    Fake User On New Sites

    This is the main problem. Your users are not staying for more than 1 to 2 seconds because they have got nothing to stay for in your site. A single page site will never help you succeed. Add more content to it by writing good informative articles. Never ever think of buying fake views for...
  8. sageshark

    Is this ethical way of making money and would you do it?

    No, certainly not. This is the worst way to make money. Hacking somebodies account and personal data causes a lot more damage than one can imagine. It is highly unethical to do so. To answer your question, no, I would never do that!
  9. sageshark

    Traffic dropped after removing AMP

    Yes, this question also came to my mind when I read this thread. @anthemspringer What made you delete it man? I know there have been discussion in this forum that AMP is dead, but that doesn't mean that you should disable it right now. I have a website for which only AMP pages are fetching...
  10. sageshark

    Making Money Journey Lead To Sadness --> Sad Story (IRL)

    First of all stop calling your past ventures as failed ones. They were not failed, consider them as your learning experiences. You are standing here today only because of those experiments! You are not failed either. I can see that you are a very much caring and loving son who feels and thinks...
  11. sageshark

    Hi i have a question

    Sounds logical, but I am not sure what are the ways for Google to identify the category of the article if we set the permalink to /post-name style and disable the category base. Any idea?
  12. sageshark

    best panel or service for youtube comments

    You may ask in the Hire a Freelancer section in BHW. I am sure there are many good people who can help.
  13. sageshark

    best panel or service for youtube comments

    Ok, ideally go for a manual commenting service providers. You Tube is smart detecting the automation that doesn't fit into their terms of services.
  14. sageshark

    Hello fellow money making lovers.

    Welcome to the Best Internet Marketing Community in this Universe! Staying sure about your goals will help you achieve success. Rather than being open to all or any kind of business just focus on your strengths and plan a business accordingly.
  15. sageshark

    best panel or service for youtube comments

    Ok, so do you expect your link to be present in the comment? Asking because generally such comments are considered as spam and will end up in the spam section. Most of the You Tubers who actively monitor their comments will straight forward delete such comments.
  16. sageshark

    best panel or service for youtube comments

    How many comments do you want per day?
  17. sageshark

    Have you ever rebranded a website with new domain name?

    If you buy a new hosting plan and the new website is being hosted with them, then they (the host) usually offer a free migration. Are you migrating the website to a new host? Frankly speaking, in your case don't see you should ever need their help because using all-in-one-wp-migration plugin...
  18. sageshark

    FB Suspended my popular & profitable business page

    Good luck mate! Keep us posted with the result.
  19. sageshark

    How to increase watchtime for long videos ?

    Yes, this is a great advice. Make some interesting videos that provide good information. But make sure the videos are not boring, so just make them fast moving (for example 5 Minutes Craft). Putting some shocking content at the beginning is always great , it ignites curiosity of the user...