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  1. S

    run fb google ads for gambling online with cloaking

    hi i have build my own cloaking to run facebook ads and its working but when i try to google, it always got take down when my keywords going into gambling keywords. please help for guidence
  2. E

    Cloaking on Tiktok.

    Hello Everyone. How does the process for cloaking on Tiktok work? Is it the same as Google ads? I also recieved information regarding a website called Is there anyone that knows if they are good and provide everything that they have stated in the main page? Is JCI better for Google...
  3. Gravitylab

    [HAF] cloaking expert

    anyone who is pro and have good hands on cloaking, for google, bing and ad networks like TJ, exo , clickadila etc. though i dont run google, bing just only adult networks. person who can teach me different ways of cloaking and bypassing and atleast my accounts run for week or so. only expert...
  4. B

    Cloaking of google ads

    I'm a developer. I need to create google adverts in a grey niche and I've been told that it can be achieved by using cloaking. How should cloaking be implemented **precisely** for google adverts? What's the algorighm? And I'm aware that sooner or later google will find out about such a...
  5. H

    Does Cloaking not work on WP Sites?

    I have seen posts saying cloaking isn't effective or working with WP Safe Pages. Is it true?
  6. S

    Need Google Ads URL cloaking Freelancer

    I want to hire a freelancer for do Google Ads URL cloaking for my affiliate URLs.
  7. A

    Looking cloaking expert to teach

    Hi, I am web master, i have many websites that i do seo. I've been trying to post ads on banned words lately but I can't pass google underreview even though I try cloaking. So i am looking to expert to teach me these tricks and show me how to do that. Please pm Regards
  8. Marwnito

    Cloaking for Tiktok Ads

    Hello, I would like to know if someone could help me cloaking for Tiktok Ads. Thank you
  9. E

    Is Cloaking worth it?

    Hey guys, I am still debating if going through the trouble of cloaking a casino to be able to advertise it in a restricted country is worth it. It looks like a lot of trouble to go through but is the work worth it? If you guys could comment and reply how it has worked for you let me know, I...
  10. T

    Blackhat ads for casino , crypto, antivirus , gbd, with cloaking are good ?

    Yes! Cloaking using a valid and trusted cloaker really helps , cloaking is not somthing you buy the cloaker and start , its a skilled process. People are using it and getting genuine leads. tg: tusharupadhyay221202
  11. S

    Cannabis Niche Cloaking

    Anyone have experience in this niche for google ads? Looking to run some tests... Was having success sending to clients GMB pages, but some have banned terms in their name and do not work. Any links to some great cloaking tools would help.
  12. M

    Looking for Cloaking expert for casino ads on google

    Hello, I am looking for cloaking expert to guide/help our manager in setting up and runnin the ads/cloaker for BR, CA, AU GEOs. PM me if intereted.
  13. Soulvirus

    What is cloaking?

    Can anyone tell me what cloaking is? Googling about it gave me 0 idea and left me with more confusion than anything. It got me curious cause I asked one of my friends who does SEO/Social media service that they dont accept paypal in most of these services is because of cloaking issues. So just...
  14. S

    Learn Google Ads URL Cloaking

    I want to get the Google Ads URL Cloaking done along with the leaning of how to do it. I can pay the learning fees as required. let me know if someone helps. Thanks
  15. H

    Running cloaking campaign with black page keywords, headline on Google

    Is it ok to run cloaking campaigns on Google with keywords, headline & description related to Black Page or restricted niche? Will it run longer too? If not then what is the solution for this since if I don't put keyword headline description relevant to black page I won't get users to click.
  16. Sean Fleming

    Are my competitors cloaking ads?

    ...time. My competitors are running not one but over 20 active adds link below to Facebook adds The clothing is authentic I am dropshipping but Facebook instantly just denies me the chance to advertise. Would cloaking the adds help this?
  17. chandrasatria99

    Im Looking for Google Ads Cloaking Expert Private Teacher (Paid Service)

    Hello BHW, Im newbie here, im just looking for Google Ads Cloaker Expert Private Teacher. I will pay the guiding service. Im really need expert cloaking teacher for google ads and need guide to build my dedicated server for my many google ads campaign. Best Regars MTR138
  18. T

    How to start cloaking?

    Good day everyone! I was wondering if anyone here could help me out and ''fully'' explain cloaking and how to start it. Maybe navigate me or something since there is nearly no one that actually explains it here. Anyways... Thank you :cool:
  19. X

    Google Ads link cloaking

    Looking for someone who can guide me through the whole process of Google Ads link cloaking process
  20. bartosimpsonio

    Hi i am new in this forum

    Sup mate. Welcome to BHW Check out the cloaking section :