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    BHW Reloaded - Awesomeness at a New Level

    Just logged into BHW and the title is what came to my mind. The interface and everything else is just butter smooth. Definitely gives a free flow to everything, the fonts are better, the thread layout is excellent, even within the thread it gives you a feeling of actually interacting with...
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    Looks like a GEM of a domain for PBN, Should I Buy It or Not ?

    I have been offered a domain with excellent metrics. This was some semi-governmental organisation website for 10 years or so. One of my PBN provider offered me this. The majestic metrics screenshot is attached below: This is not a generic tld but country specific tld What do you all think...
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    What is with this Chinese Shit all over BHW

    I logged in today and as the habit is, just went to the main forum and was shocked to see 1 out of every 3 thread opened is Chinese spam. I know mods have a tough job. Heads up !
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    Can Google See Actual IP of Website Behind Cloudfare

    My question is pretty much simple, is it possible for Google to see the actual IP of the website when it is behind a Cloudfare IP. Like if we set up a PBN by using that method, is it possible for google to get hold of the server IP.
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    What You Like - PBN Links with Spun or Unique Content ?

    I own a 150 domain PBN network which I used to rank my sites and client websites. It is a quality network and have been ranking any sites that links have been posted for. I wouldn't mind releasing it to my BHW friends and would not cost much. However, I need a suggestion from all my friends...