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    USA based Sales Copy Writer for Classified Ads

    Hi, Please...I do not want any non-USA writers. I pay good for the best sales copy writing services. Thanks!
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    Real Gold - $450,000 iPad, $35,000 iPhone 5

    iPhone: iPad:
  3. portalweb - in bankruptcy

  4. portalweb - Anyone who has the experience with it?

    I saw advertisement banner on BHW today. I'm wondering if anyone who has the experience with it, as I may be interested in using it for my backend services site.
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    Chick eating junk good at Google Data Center

    After discussing about the Google data centers with my brother, this one got my attention: Found it from browsing site. Err..Junk Food, not Junk good (title) - oh well!
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    Free Cisco IOS Files (Feb 2010 version)

    For anyone who wants to update their Cisco gears (switch, routers, etc.) without paying excessive $$ for Cisco, visit this site: We tested it using MD5 checksum obtained from Cisco to make sure that they are not "honeypotted images"...
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    Deceptive Ad - Blueberry Plants

    Hi all, This ad (which I just received it today) caught my eyes, since I am able to figure out what they are telling us. Study this ad very carefully: You will notice that it says that the blueberry plant can spew out blueberries at that rate of "up to 4 pints a day". Experienced gardeners...
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    PHP 5.4 - can white-bomb your Wordpress

    Hello all, You may want to double-check your WP sites for the latest plugins that will work well with PHP 5.4. I got several WP sites that got white-bombed after the servers are upgraded to php 5.4 version. To get your WP site restored, you will need to disable your "old" or unsupported WP...
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    Order Hijacking - Proxies proxies(at)delicacyset_com

    Hello, It is my first time using this s-list thread. I mentioned earlier in my sales thread several months ago that someone intercepted the sales orders from my customers, redirecting them to hacker's paypal account. We caught the problem immediately, and beefed up our system to...
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    Track down anyone - HaveProof - useful for shitlistted person

    Here's the info that can be used to track down someone easily: Perfect for tracking down on ShitList targets. Happy Holidays!
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    Develop the Instructional Videos (Large Project)

    I'm seeking someone: - who is expert at "cloning" the instructional videos from other sites - spin it to make it unique, using my company's theme/images - add English subtitles to every video. There will be around 16 videos that need to be developed. Pay for each completed professional video...
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    How Men And Women Look At This Half Naked Woman Differently

    First...check out this picture below, as I'm sure you're familiar with this famous gal (Sophie) looking at that smoking-hot blonde's racks, with her disapproving look: Now, let's read this important details done by well-reputed researcher on how men and women are looking at the web pages with...
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    Stare at this it may help you make money.

    This purple swirl image seems to be in constant motion, but it's actually a static image. Have fun! Disclaimer: Staring at that image will not guarantee you on making your first millions. :)
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    [GET] Free Valid Email Addresses List *SHOCKER*

    Check out the free email addresses/passwords from this site: Be careful..and cover your track using elite https/socks if you want to have fun.
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    ATTENTION: Clear Pill - it could make you RICH AND POWERFUL!
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    $25,000 for tweeting your products/services

    - Kim now charges as much as $25,000 to simply mention and link to a brand or company in a tweet. It's so effective a tool that businesses have begun including Twitter clauses in their contracts with the family, committing the girls to a set number of tweets about their product...
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    ATTENTION TO MODS: Move buy/sell to correct categories

    Hi Mods, Please see here: It would be great if the moderators/admins would move these buy/sell threads around to it's own categories for easy browsing. I know this buy/sell services thread is one of the most popular threads here...
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    Seeking a great writer who can write help pages

    Hi, I'm seeking a great "help" page writer who understands proxy related issues to be able write the easy-to-understand help pages for my successful proxy subscription site. Requirements: - Must understand the proxy related technical issues. No exceptions! - Must have the excellent English...
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    Best Incentive Apps/Scripts - 2011

    Hi all, As you may have seen the old thread here: The majority votes (2009) go to FSRevolution. What's interesting is that many sites (see list below from that old thread) have gone out of...
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    Damn, I have to use my private proxy to access to my favorite site: BHW!

    My business DSL at my office has blocked BHW site for the last few days. I have to use my high speed private HTTPS proxy to access to this BHW. Anyone is experiencing the same problem as mine? I'm just curious.