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    Native US English Content Writer – $2.5/100 Words

    I can't send you a PM: "This member limits who may view their full profile." All the review copy slots have been filled. PM sent.
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    Native US English Content Writer – $2.5/100 Words

    PM sent. PM sent. PM sent. PM sent. Thanks for the review. I'm glad the article was how you wanted it. PM sent. Thanks for the awesome review. No, review copies are full. Thanks for the review. PM sent.
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    Native US English Content Writer – $2.5/100 Words

    PM sent. Your private messages are turned off. Message me first. Samples sent. Order confirmed. PM sent. PM sent. Sorry, review copies are for Jr. VIP only. Sent you a PM. Samples sent. PM sent. ----- Review copy slots are filled.
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    Native US English Content Writer – $2.5/100 Words

    Welcome to my sales thread. I have been writing online content for over four years, and am now offering my services on BlackHatWorld. About Me My name is Matt. I’m a native US English speaker and college graduate (University of South Florida, B.A). I’ve written in a lot of different niches...
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    Bitcoin: Buy now or wait for another big dip?

    I'd just DCA into it. It's impossible to time the bottom. I don't really see it dropping below ~$20k.
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    Luna founder face procesution?

    It's been weeks since the collapse and we have no idea what the LFG Foundation did with the billions of dollars in BTC it had. Yes, it went to Binance and Gemini to defend the peg... and then all trace of it was lost. No evidence has been provided that it was used to defend the peg. Do Kwon...
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    As nearly all top crypto is 50% low, which one will give more profit for a long time investment?

    I'm just sticking with Bitcoin and Polkadot. Bitcoin probably won't 10x or even 4x over a year, but that's fine for me. Poopcoins haven't worked well for me. I'd be a wealthy man if I had just held Bitcoin instead of venturing into every altcoin back in 2017. ETH is the only one that panned...
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    Do people actually make money from Forex?

    I doubt most retail forex traders or day traders make a livable income from it. Wall Street guys obviously make money with it, though. I've noticed that a lot of people that have inheritances or trust funds claim they made their money with forex, stocks, poker, or crypto (if they're younger).
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    If you had $100,000, how would you use it to generate a $X,XXX or $XX,XXX monthly income?

    I'd launch an NFT project to try and turn that $100,000 into $1,000,000+.
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    How will i get more views on my Youtube videos

    The easiest/only way is to have the best possible video in the niche you're targeting. I'd watch some MrBeast videos and copy how he edits his videos (ie. quick introduction, lots of camera switches, quick cuts, animations, jokes, memes, etc.).
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    Why did you join Blackhat World?

    I don't remember why - it was almost 8 years ago. I was probably researching some affiliate stuff and saw a BHW thread.
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    Where do you guys spend your time online besides BHW?

    Chess websites or work related stuff. Sometimes they overlap.
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    How many of you have given up on online money making?

    My first affiliate site made pretty decent money in the international dating niche a few years ago. That site crashed and burned right around the time COVID hit (March 2020). I haven't had much success with my other projects. It's hard when your first project is a total success. A...
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    Bitcoin will hit $200K in 5 years

    I think so. $200k USD in 2027 won't buy you what it buys you today, though.
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    Why does Clickbank make it so hard to sign up now?

    Those sales pages convert. Anyway, it's only hard if you're in certain countries.
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    [Journey] Ranking A Site That Uses AI Generated Content

    I also target no/low comp question keywords for an info website of mine. It's a winning strategy imo. The AI content writers always slowed me down. I'll have to give it a try again to see if they work better.
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    Need advice on how to get people to buy my merch on my pet site (beginner at selling)

    People aren't going to buy merch from a 3 month old info site. They want to get their info and leave. Maybe they will buy a product if they are searching for it (ie. "best turtle tank"). Primary revenue is usually Adsense/Ezoic/Mediavine and/or affiliate for info sites. If I were to do this...
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    Freaked out by the fake news industry

    People want to hear stories, so give them stories. Put those stories on a website and then sell ad space or promote offers. I had a website that did this for years. You just have to pick the same side as the social media companies or they will eventually crush you like a cockroach.
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    Which Plagiarism Checker You Suggest?

    I find 1text too aggressive. Most of my original articles get a ~10% match and I don't even look at any sources before/during writing. Copyscape is useless, though. Quetext is a good mix of the two.