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  1. Shaybib

    Bot clicking my ads

    I think a lot of my bing ads clicks are coming from bot. How can i track/prove it?
  2. Shaybib

    What is more annoying?

    When you get a massage for a new post in a thread your watching and: It is "any updates?" Or it is "following" This drives me insane!
  3. Shaybib

    Cloudways cdn or free cloudflare?

    I am moving to cloudways hosting For faster site which is better cloudways cdn or the free cloudflare?
  4. Shaybib

    Cloudways wordpress hosting question

    What is the difference between wordpress hosting and regular managed hosting on cloudways?
  5. Shaybib

    Limited by budget on bing ads

    My campaign has limited by budget status although it doesnt reach even half of the daily budget What does that means?
  6. Shaybib

    offers with facebook compliant landing page

    I see offers on Clickbank that provide links to FB compliant landing page without popups or autoplay can I direct my Facebook ads to this landing page without being banned?
  7. Shaybib

    Bemob and bing ads - can't make it work

    I am tring to direct link bing ads and clickbank product. I am using bemob tracker. When i put the tracking link on bing tracking template bing says it didnt find the landing page. Anyone knows how to do it?
  8. Shaybib

    I don't get the parasite thing...

    Google must know that anybody can post almost anything on for example. Why would the main domain pass authority to the post?
  9. Shaybib

    How to track source in ogads

    If i want to track convertion should i add &aff_sub=xxxx to the locker link? And if so where do i see this on statistics?
  10. Shaybib

    Ifttt limits free plan to 3 recipies

    I got mail from ifttt stating they limit free plans. If you using it you should check and make sure every account has only 3 recipes that was made by you
  11. Shaybib

    Should i go for ad or post promotion?

    What is better for promoting weight loss product?
  12. Shaybib

    How to target audiences for weight loss product?

    I want to boost my page post for a weight loss product. How to target the right audience?
  13. Shaybib

    Do clickbank long videos work?

    I found some clickbank weight loss pruduct which have landing pages are a long video that can't be fast forward and the buying part is just at the end Do users really watch these videos and buy?
  14. Shaybib

    is there a reddit comment bot that doesn't use praw?

    can anyone point me to such a python script? like a bot that uses selenium or requests
  15. Shaybib

    Feedburner form on popoup

    How can i embed a feedburner form on popup that will appear after a few seconds on blogger blog?
  16. Shaybib

    Ogads conversion dropped

    In the last 2 weeks my ogads conversion dropped to nearly zero. I am getting much more clicks. Traffic has gone up but no convertion . I changed nothing in my setup. Anyone can think of a reason for this?
  17. Shaybib

    A2 hosting

    I am considering moving to a2 hosting and would like some help answering these qustions: 1) should i go for the "turbo" plan? It is double the price and they say it ×20 speed 2) if i do should i stop using cloudflare to enjoy the speed? 3) please share your experience with this hosting
  18. Shaybib

    How does quora rank answers?

    I have a quora answer which is lengthy and quite good. It got 30 organic upvotes. Yet an answer with 2 upvote and one without upvotes out ranked me What could be the reason?
  19. Shaybib

    Is there ads network that accept blogspot?

    I have blogger hosted blog. Is there ads network beside adsense that accept it?
  20. Shaybib

    Scrape google images

    Google changed something and my python script stoped working. Anyone have a script to scrape google images?