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  1. gaby81

    Starting a graphic design agency from scratch

    Hi all, looking for advice from members with established graphic design agencies. I am a freelancer doing graphic design, looking to get away from Fiverr, Upwork etc + hire some VAs and outsource some work... - Do you have prices/packages written on your website, with a quick buy now button, or...
  2. gaby81

    Ecommerce SEO Expert

    Hello, I am looking for a SEO expert for my new Woocommerce+Wordpress store to help me drive organic traffic to the store. Complete package (on page analysis and off page).
  3. gaby81

    Printful and VAT eating all the profit

    Hey, I need a little advice here. I just finished setting up my first apparel POD Woocommerce + Printful store, and I made a test purchase to see if its all set and I find out that Printful charges extra VAT, which completelly eats my profit margin. Since I am located in EU, the VAT was huge...
  4. gaby81

    Linktree link blocked

    Hi, I am not able to put a link in my bio on Instagram www.// I tried to post someone else linktree link and it worked, but I can`t post mine. I get this message: We restrict certain activity to protect our community. Why?
  5. gaby81

    Looking for a graphic design agency for long time job

    I am looking to partner with a quality and experienced design agency to help me with banners, logos, flyers design over Fiverr (Top Rated Seller Account). Till now I successfully managed to do all by myself (I am a graphic designer), but now I got a full time job and less time available to do...
  6. gaby81

    Wikipedia Page Creation

    Hi, I am looking for someone to do a personal (not for a company) wikipedia page. Send your offers in PM.
  7. gaby81

    Need a post on Huffpost

    Hi, are here any Huffpost contributors? I need an article published, I know URL is no-indexed and link no-follow. If anyone can help with please give your lowest price on PM. Thanks
  8. gaby81

    Need a guest post on

    As said by the title, I need a guest post on, link to homepage with anchor brand name. Price to be discussed. PM me anyone with account there and please show a sample. Thanks
  9. gaby81

    Is someone familiar with posting on

    Hi, I was wondering if someone is a contributor to I recenty joined, but in the "add new post" I can only insert my links at the end. And will show like: More info: But I saw some posts with links naturally placed inside the articles, like this...
  10. gaby81

    Looking for guest posts on authority Italian sites

    Hi, I am looking for bloggers/journalists with italian blogs or priviliges to guest post on high authority sites. Possible long term collaboration. No PBN, only genuine websites. Please PM me with sites, your best price and TAT. Thanks
  11. gaby81

    Looking for high quality links from beauty niche

    Hi, I am looking to buy high quality links or guest post opportunities in beauty niche, more specifically related to hair care. If youhave a great blog or web 2.0 within this niche, please send me a PM with the link and price. NO BLOG NETWORKS please.
  12. gaby81

    Need advice - I received a SEO offer and I don`t know if it is good

    For achieving $40-$50/day Adsense income in 9-12months with a $800-$1000 monthly budget I was given the above monthly SEO campaign: 4x DA 20-40 high domain authority guest blog post links written and published each month 1x DA 51-60 high domain authority guest blog post links written and...