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  1. Jeremy96x

    When you (try to) create wiki link for clients, which is better?

    1. Editing from a single wikipedia account (for all clients) with lots of previous edits and generally helpful wiki behavior. OR 2. Making a new account, clean a few things here and there, possibly adding content (unlikely) and then adding a link. Assuming in both cases the link is relevant...
  2. Jeremy96x

    Quick question about noindex tag

    I've read conflicting answers about this. When a webpage has the noindex, follow attributes, will a backlink there pass link juice? The page itself shows on the Google SERP but with the "No information is available for this page. Learn why" snippet
  3. Jeremy96x

    Tweets ID scraping

    Is there a way to mass scrape the ID of individual tweets? I like to have a tool that scrapes the individual ID of the last 100 tweets or so, that certain profiles have.
  4. Jeremy96x

    FollowLiker multiple instances inquiry

    Sorry to bother again, but this is the first time for me diving into social traffic.I was wondering if opening multiple instances of followliker with the same accounts would cause trouble with twitter or instagram.You may ask why I'm doing that, well, I think it's more comfortable if every...
  5. Jeremy96x

    FollowLiker setting advice

    Hey! I basically want my account to tweet once every 1-2hours BUT at the same time I want them to follow/unfollow. As far as I know every individual account does just ONE of those activities at the same time. My account were tweeting to fast, and I tried to put 2-2 in tweet limit and 3000 to...
  6. Jeremy96x

    Waht's you advice on inmigration

  7. Jeremy96x

    Scraping/Downloading pictures from instagram

    A while ago I bought FollowLiker, and just saw the option "saving photo to disk" or something like that, but can't seem to get it to work. It does scrape the pictures to the list, but it is not downloading them. Any solutions? Thanks
  8. Jeremy96x

    Intagram followliker + proxies

    Hi. I've researched the proxy providers here on the forum, and found prices ranging from 1$ to 3$+... A lot of them have more expensive "Instagram proxies", what's the difference between them and a regular private proxy? What provider you recommend? Thanks
  9. Jeremy96x

    What VPSyou recommend?

    Hi! What VPS you reccomend for using FollowLiker? I will run arround 200 Instragram and Twitter accounts. I want one that's cheap but not unreliable, I don't want to pay something that I will not need.
  10. Jeremy96x

    A few questions about Instagram and followliker

    Hi guys! I'm going to begin a new project with instagram and twitter and will automate with FollowLiker, wich has been getting a lot recomendation from others users. Note that I will use 20-25 virgin accounts. So, anyway, here are the questions: 1. I know Instagram has captchas every now and...
  11. Jeremy96x

    Twitter Bot?

    I'm looking for a twitter bot that does the following: - Follow users that fav/retweet certain tweet. - Unfollow users that do not followed me back for X amount of time since I followed them. - Schedule tweets. - Manages multiple accounts by using proxies or something similar Optionally: -...
  12. Jeremy96x

    How many people can I unfollow on twitter?

    I was wondering if twitter has any hourly/daily regulations when UNfollowing. Any of you have any answer/experience that you would like to share? Thanks.
  13. Jeremy96x

    How to sell on flippa?

    This may sound like a noob question, but I really do need your help. I bough a hosting package on Webhostingbuzz that came with a domain name, so I registered a ramdom (but comprehencible) one. And now I want to sell it on flippa for a regular price (8-10$) to get money and buy an EMD of a my...
  14. Jeremy96x

    Question about SIM cards and PVA

    Hi! I have an opportunity of getting large amount of active SIM cards at relative cheap price. And I was wondering if I can use these cards to create (and eventually sell) PVAs of various Networks. Would this cause an issue concerning the fact that I'm not form the US, UK or any "top" country...
  15. Jeremy96x

    How much does a Fiverr lvl 2 account cost?

    Hi everyone, I didn't know in which category this question belong so I'll just post it on the lounge. So yeah, how much does a Fiverr lvl 2 account is worth? What other factors influence the value? Where is the safer place to buy it? Thanks
  16. Jeremy96x

    CPA question

    Hi everyone, I am a newb in IM, and I am trying to get to 15$ a day through CPA and my question is: Can I use sites like Shorttask or Microworkers to promote CPA offers (email submit)? Is it possible? How high are the odds of getting banned? What if I make a landing/squeeze page? Thanks
  17. Jeremy96x

    Is there a way to create and amazon aff account?

    I do not know is this is the right section to post this question, or even if it is OK to post it at all. But my problem is that, when I try to create an Amazon Affiliate account, it asks: "To whom should we issue payment?" and ask me to put an address. What should I put there? (I am not from...
  18. Jeremy96x

    Greetings Everyone

    Hi, I'm Jeremy and I'm new to the forum. I expect that this community will help me, and viceversa, to keep growing in the internet marketing business. Thanks for reading, and feel free to reply!