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  1. PaulRD

    Mgid publishers. How is the cpm rate?

    Any mgid publisher here, how much cpm do you average in a month? I got a tier 2 traffic site monitized with adsense. Considering switching to cpm based ad network. Maybe pay better?
  2. PaulRD

    How to replicate this link building?

    I was researching for new niche and competitors using semrush and found this. Please check the screenshots of semrush report, niche has sites ranking with very similar links. Think they are owned by one person or entity. Although they are authority links, Surprisingly the links are comments...
  3. PaulRD

    Is this a legit ad company- onrunads?

    I've been getting emails from agents from saying they want to advertise, upfront payment and stuff. I didn't replied to any of them yet thinking it was a scam or something. Idk how they found my sites. They all on adsense.
  4. PaulRD

    Expired domain with doctor's name with plenty of news site on backlink, what can it be used for?

    Found an expired domain with said info, about 100 links from news sites like techtimes, influencive. I wonder if it can used for buikding a news site or something other if you guys have any previous experience with this type of expired domain
  5. PaulRD

    Does redirect backlinks still matter in terms of positive effect?

    Analyzed one of my competitor and seen a lot of redirect backlinks(from gov, edu sites) picked up by ahref around a month or so. They are the top three on almost all of the keywords. Wondering if they have any positive effect at all since they don't index easily or Not at all3. Upon checking for...
  6. PaulRD

    Expired domains. Which one has more value?

    I found two expired domains. One with a href DR 33, but only three(.gov) backlink with no traffic, no keyword ranking. All the backlinking gov links are indexed upon checking seperately; but when searching by expired domain on google, only one gov link shows up. Another one with 150 keywords...
  7. PaulRD

    Fast snipe new token launches thru BSCSCAN

    Useful for beginners looking to be early or ahead on new tokens. You can snipe much faster than pancakeswap users. The guide linked(not mine). Interacting through bscscan is much faster. But be sure to read the important note below...
  8. PaulRD

    Suggest a domain name for traditional clothing and accessory store

    Need a brand name for a store. I'll take whatever this thread comes up with..
  9. PaulRD

    What is the approx value of aged/high karma accs

    So I got bunch of high karma accs(>2k karmas). Was wondering how much they are worth for.
  10. PaulRD

    What's your success rate at posting at Cms reddit?

    I've been posting about the project I am working on, on cms. Post gets removed someday and goes live the nextday. This is going on and off for quite sometime. Bought 2nd aged account and is having the same issue. The post going live is never consistent. Sometimes even a copypasta would go live...
  11. PaulRD

    Way to check balance of custom coins at TrustWallet

    Thought some BSC newcomers would need it. 1. Open the app 2. Go to browser (DApps) [ located down below ] 3. Type this on the search bar and hit enter 4. Change to Smart Chain network if you see Ethereum icon as default [ located on the right side on search bar ] 5...
  12. PaulRD

    DaCoop Snapchat Ads Management – High conversion on Hands-Free Advertising

    Contact Us Email: [email protected] Skype Support Feel free to PM me @BHW or post your queries here :)
  13. PaulRD

    What should I do with Stac coins I am holding

    My metamask wallet has 40k Stac coins. I find no use for them as a crypto beginner. Should I keep it as it is or do something with them. Please share some light
  14. PaulRD

    Adsense ads on webview app

    My app was made by a Fiverr seller. I wanted to remove adsense ads, keep only admob. But no solution is been a success yet. I tried user agent blocking, didn't work. Looking for solution to it...
  15. PaulRD

    Where do you guys buy (good)ebay accounts?

    Aside from bhw marketplace.
  16. PaulRD

    What is up with these sites?

    Have been seeing a lot of these sites: With different domains, scattered content(seems ai generated). Surprisingly ranks for mid to low comp keywords. Anyone can shed a light on this?
  17. PaulRD

    Best vps configuration for 1k concurrent users?

    Hey there, quite confused about where to start to manage these users smoothly. As my DO vps(15$)- 2CPU,2GBRAM crashes every-damn-time as concurrent users flows through the site. I am using runcloud- Nginx-Apache & cloudflare. The web page is made of elementor and not too light nor heavy with 2...
  18. PaulRD

    Website/Blog --- Android app. How do you guys do it?

    Hello Bhw. I have some blog that I want to convert to app. How do you guys do it? I checked fiverr but some had problems with sticking in admob to adsense enabled blog, so I thought they might be using automated app makers. Also does webview or hybrid app have any issue with ranking at search...
  19. PaulRD

    So unlucky or broke?

    Maybe both
  20. PaulRD

    Got scammed on Localbitcoins

    My colleague/va got scammed on Localbitcoins. Lol the ratings and the greens are so manipulated.