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  1. Groshura

    How many of you are still using myspace ?

    Are you sure that it still exists? It's been many years since I heard someone talk about myspace.
  2. Groshura

    telegram channel

    If you want your channel to appear in the telegram search, you need to think carefully about the name and the description of it as these fields are responsible for making your channel show up in the search results.
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    Where can I find affiliates and how to deal with them?

    I would recommend you to contact with the bloggers which are close to your topic. They will attract pretty much of their subscribers to your broker and everything will be fine.
  4. Groshura

    Can I monetize my blog thru guest posts?

    I also think that it is a nice idea to monetize your blog with guest posting. More than that, I find this way to be one of the best.
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    start to build a cashcow machine

    Well, I am not sure if it will become a cashcow, but all in all, it is a good programming experience and I wish you lots of luck and patience. Anyway, you'll definetely come up with better ideas in the process of your current project and it is worth the time and your efforts, I think.
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    telegram group

    You can write the admins of some other telegram groups which share the topic of the discussion with your group and ask them to post an ad post in order to attract their subscribers to your channel. That is perhaps the only way to attract users to your group. You can also try tiktok by posting a...
  7. Groshura

    Why BHW is full of vaccine experts (dunning kruger)

    I don't think that it is possible to abandon this topic so easily, because COVID is something which unites all the people in the world, how strangely it may sound. I am also tired of discussing COVID related topics but it will be the theme #1 for quite a long time.
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    HY affiliates - forex related vertical - reviews on partnership program. Worth trying?

    The guy has a talent, huh? Look at NASDAQ charts. The index soared 7% starting from October 13th. Indeed, the retracement was a perfect chance for an entry with a long-term perspective. I think the bullish rally should continue, given the recent momentum. Nakasa, did you use that reversal...
  9. Groshura

    Is Verification over rated?

    I always think that this verification in social media serves as the submittion of that this person is not a fake, because he/she provides all the documents which confirm that he/she is really he/she. In my opinion, it's not overhyped but just was created for the safety of fans. All of them try...
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    HY affiliates - forex related vertical - reviews on partnership program. Worth trying?

    There might be restrictions about using the direct referral link in social media while posting any kind of content. Those limitations might be related to HYCM’s own marketing activity in social media. I had similar conditions with another broker a couple of years ago before I switched to working...
  11. Groshura

    HY affiliates - forex related vertical - reviews on partnership program. Worth trying?

    I’m not quite sure about an educational website, but I would focus on market analysis and trading signals. People on Facebook love trading signals. But if you were able to deliver even an explanation of the reasons why this asset is moving up and that one is moving down, then you should gain...
  12. Groshura

    HY affiliates - forex related vertical - reviews on partnership program. Worth trying?

    You’d better focus on creating your own website. The number of topics is huge. Want education - no problem. But you should be unique. For example, focus on the psychology of trading, emotional impact, and so on. Tell interesting stories, people love to read that stuff. But you should place ads...
  13. Groshura

    HY affiliates - forex related vertical - reviews on partnership program. Worth trying?

    No way, that’s just a waste of time. You’d have a very low conversion rate with newbies. They will keep asking you a bunch of silly questions. I try to find people who have at least basic knowledge in trading. They understand many things but don’t know how to apply them in reality. I help them...
  14. Groshura

    Advise on how we can use our marketing skills to help local charities ?

    Do as you see fit. Especially since you have the necessary resources to do so. So write, speak, and draw attention to what is truly important.
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    Endgame Copywriting - Professional Eloquent Content - Native Canadian Writers - $4.00/100 Words

    This is the best online writing service that you can chose at this time. If you are not willing to go for the well known ones then this is for you. It is not easy to find other people who are willing to offer you godo work for such a price.
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    Great Articles at Cheap Price - 500 Words @ 1.98$ Only - Fast TAT

    Finally we can all get an alternative to the major freelancing platforms and hae our work written and delivered to us in high quality and for a cheap price. This website has so many of those options and this is one of those good options. Their work is good.
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    Should I post once or twice a day on my blog?

    If you want to post once in your blog the you should pst something son interesting and have enough keywords that it will eb enought for a whole day and for a a few days to come. The people that go for the two posts per day in their blogs are the people that have very little posts in their blogs...
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    HostStage - 10 GBPS NEXT GEN WINDOWS VPS | Seo Tools Ready From $6.71 ONLY

    I like what you are offering. I am very interesting. Things like this are available in some places for some very ridicilous prices. I will check out what you are offering because I have a couple of friends who would be very interested. You are headed in the right direction man.
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    ZennoPoster 5 - Automate any task in the Internet

    This is definetly an offer that I cannnot let go by. I have checked it out and it works great. If you do not have the time to do all those tasks on the website manuall then you can relly on this to get the work done. It is not that hard to used and by that I mean that you may struggle a little...
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    Ali Mughrabi | About me

    Welcome. You will definitely like it here, because it is the most informative and useful community I have met on our subject.