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  1. Leon.Ken

    [Journey] Yet Another $35/day quiz site journey

    Following! Very interesting journey and I am planning to start my own soon.
  2. Leon.Ken

    My time has come

  3. Leon.Ken

    Anyone doing arbitrage and media buy here?

    Thank you for your reply!
  4. Leon.Ken

    Anyone doing arbitrage and media buy here?

    Thank you for the message. Do you have any idea on how much money is good enough for a fresh start?
  5. Leon.Ken

    Anyone doing arbitrage and media buy here?

    Thank you sir. Appreciate your help very much!
  6. Leon.Ken

    I got Envato Unlimited for a month

    Can I have this theme, if possible? Thank you very much!
  7. Leon.Ken

    Anyone doing arbitrage and media buy here?

    Thanks! I've read your posts many times. For question 1, do you think google analytics is enough to do the monitoring work? Do you recommend to use some services such as cloudflare or ? Regarding question 2, do I need to apply as many networks as I can and set them up in google ad...
  8. Leon.Ken

    Anyone doing arbitrage and media buy here?

    I recently saw someone get big success by doing arbitrage. I tried it myself a little bit on health niche but failed. I bought traffic from native ads but my money site's RPM is too low. Questions: 1. How to get rid of low quality traffic or bot traffic? 2. Is there any good network to offer...
  9. Leon.Ken

    The porn reupload method is dead? Here is a suggestion

    I just want to start my porno journey then I saw this thread, how sad. Then I decided to try that fucking tons of sites...
  10. Leon.Ken

    [METHOD] Earn your first $$ with Reddit incentive CPA

    Great method and thanks for sharing. Will give it a try.
  11. Leon.Ken

    Organic Search Traffic, why and how it increases.

    The organic search may come from search engines other than google. Like Yandex or duckduckgo, adult content may be much easier to rank with some keywords you are not aware of.
  12. Leon.Ken

    What is the average adult landing page conversion?

    Maybe try some adult smartlinks?
  13. Leon.Ken

    How I turned $15 into 6-figure revenue within 1 year

    Congratulations man!
  14. Leon.Ken

    15.000 monthly views GIF site. How do I monetize?

    500 daily views are a little bit low to monetize. You can try CPA offers (maybe games? not sure) or display ads.
  15. Leon.Ken

    This is my story. @50$+/day now and growing

    Congrats on your success. Your daily traffic is impressive so I guess you have plenty of room to optimize your ads and raise your daily income dramatically. My questions: 1. Is your website an adult video combined with blog posts? 2. What theme are you using? Your own customized or something...
  16. Leon.Ken

    My Journey to 1M$

    Sound like a mission impossible, at least for me ;) Anyway, good luck!
  17. Leon.Ken


    Thank you for the great post! I am using wp and Contact Form 7 for many websites but never notice the plugin will be loaded on every page, will try your method to optimize. I wrote a plugin recently to do auto-post work, but it blocked my server's php7.2-fpm process. After many days of searching...
  18. Leon.Ken

    Great Forum- thank you

    Welcome to BHW. As a newbie, I also want to say thanks because I found a lot of useful information here.
  19. Leon.Ken

    Anyone had good experience with ValueImpression?

    Hello guys, I recently searched BHW for solving some media buying and arbitrage problems and someone mentioned ValueImpression. Anyone worked with them? How's their payment and what the minimum requirement to get in? Any help appreciated.
  20. Leon.Ken + Adsense is it safe?

    I am sure but I know Adsense has a more strict policy.