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  1. shindou90

    Problem when reposting Tiktoks to Youtube shorts (aspect ratio)

    When I download videos from Tiktok, if they don't have the aspect ratio 9:16 or 1:1, youtube doesn't recognize it as a shorts. Does anyone know of a solution to this problem?
  2. shindou90

    Are my competitor's stats legit? (Youtube)

    His first video: 6k views Second video: 250k views But here's the kicker, he has only 102 comments and 2.4k upvotes. That conversion makes me think that something fishy is going on. Could it be generated through ads? Would suggested views bring in so much traffic without much interaction?
  3. shindou90

    What's your experience with SMM Panels for boost on a new channel

    I was thinking of using SMM panels to upvote a reddit post in a relevant niche. That way I can generate some external views on my new Youtube Channel. However after reading PaddyVuu's post about how the algorithm works, I'm doubting my strategy. He recommend that we should delete the original...
  4. shindou90

    How to find niche specific script writer? (Youtube Cash Cow Channel)

    I've posted job offers of Fiverr and Upwork and for the most part the demand comes from people with only a little knowledge in my niche. From your experience, is their knowledge about the niche more important than their researching skills? Where/how do you find good script writers? My rate is...
  5. shindou90

    Should I start a blog with WordPress?

    I've been willing to get my hands wet and start executing on a few projects, however they all require me to create a landing page / website. For context, I've already made websites before but the design / front-end part is my weakness. As of today, I have 2 options: Learn front-end...
  6. shindou90

    Does IP matter when logging into Social Media Account?

    I was learning about rotating proxies and to my knowledge, it can be used to mass create accounts (among other things). However, once an account is created with a randomly assigned IP, later when I want to log in, should I be using proxies or can I use my own IP address? Does the IP I use to...
  7. shindou90

    Finding cheap freelance workers

    Hey, I've decided to hire free lancers to delegate most of my work, the question is: Where should I be looking to find cheap workers? The work required isn't too difficult so quality shouldn't be that big of an issue. Most people on Fiverr have been accustomed to big pay so it's a no go for...
  8. shindou90

    Are there any drawbacks to copying another blog's design?

    Hello there gents, I'm relatively new to IM and my background is in web development. The issue that I'm facing currently is that developing the back-end of a website is what I specialize in and my design skills (front-end) are terrible. I know that I can work on that but I was thinking that...