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  1. ComicCityy

    How good its Twitter traffic for Adult Offers ?

    Hey there BHW friends I want to start again to work with adult content but this time i wanna try Twitter traffic not Snapchat... My plan its to work with 20 acc Twitter (for start ). Ofc i will work with robit to manage all the acc (auto post, auto like, auto follow etc etc.) I will create...
  2. ComicCityy

    Deposit on Bet365/ No Skrill and Neteller?

    Hey guys hiw are you doing these days (I expect more replies this time on this post) It started last year in October when Bet365 excluded Skrill and Neteller from deposit options in the UK. Skrill and Neteller users were shocked that the once-reliable service has discontinued, and the gambling...
  3. ComicCityy

    My road to 3000€/daily. NAME A BANK

    Hey there guys how are you I need help to Find bank names who can let me create virtual cards not just 1 but to many infinity would be better...but at lest 4 virtual cards I am not talking about skrill\neteller\bunq\revolut i have tried them and they dont work anymore for my method that i am...
  4. ComicCityy

    Help! Need advice. 3000$+ Its enough?

    Hey there i need help. I have 3000+$ who can say to me how to invest them on the affiliate world. ANY METHOD, STRATEGY ABOUT AFFILIATE AT THIS MOMENT? Wich is the best platform to work?