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  1. AMS

    Forum Fiverr Reviews

    you would want to post it on the "want to buy" section on bhw. also you would need to do your due diligence in checking who's legit and who isn't. perhaps look for responses from Jr. VIPs and such.
  2. AMS

    Is Wix or WordPress better for SEO? Does it matter which one I use long-term?

    As much as I've read somewhere before, Google doesn't really like Wix and so doesn't rank it well. Not sure what's the current situation but with WordPress if SEO is done properly you probably have a higher chance of ranking well.
  3. AMS

    perfect Hosting for woocommerce

    It solely depends if you want price over quality or quality over price. If money is an issue, go for Namcheap. If you want quality / good service then go for the pricey / good ones that the others here suggested :)
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    Will this work? - Just starting out - Appreciating any advice

    Facebook Ads seem to not do much when you spend less money. So what you could possibly do is create ad sets with different targets ( locations / interest / gender ) and see which ad set is bringing you the most of what you need ( ie. Landing page views ). Once you find the winning ad set...
  5. AMS

    What are you watching these days?

    Was watching Season 2 of "The Purge". All I can say is, The Purge movies and now the TV Show hasn't let me down yet. Exciting as always. :D
  6. AMS

    This really should be stopped

    Get a Chinese phone and laptop from Aliexpress with no camera or microphone. Problem solved :D
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    Just Told My IRL boss to GF himself

    Santa will be proud of you this year :D
  8. AMS

    My Hair Makes Me Feel Depressed

    Wear a Beanie or a hat if it suits your dressing style. Or go bald like some suggested. :)
  9. AMS

    Will this work? - Just starting out - Appreciating any advice

    Haha no worries man. He wouldn't get banned from Facebook groups if he asks the moderator first if he is allowed to promote. I agree on the Facebook budget part tho. "Small budget" doesn't go far.
  10. AMS

    Will this work? - Just starting out - Appreciating any advice

    I wasn't talking about Facebook in general. OP asked if this method would work so I mentioned that you can make money with any method if done properly. And about the organic reach, OP said he will be using Facebook Ads aswell and interact with people in groups. So he doesn't really need organic...
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    Free Expired Domains Giveaway

    Hopefully you don't run out of domains by the time you reach this msg :D haha I wouldn't mind taking one to experiment with it. Thanks in advance, man! :)
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    Will this work? - Just starting out - Appreciating any advice

    I don't see anything wrong with your idea. Anything can make you money, it just depends on how you implement it and how twist methods. Because if it's out there online and people can copy the method then 100s if not thousands of people are already doing it. So eventhough a method is saturated...
  13. AMS

    Today i got sued..

    Move from Shopify to WordPress and buy offshore non-DMCA hosting. Then steal whatever you want and never get in trouble again :p Or like @DonMillion and @Mollerucksack123 said, hire someone to write the descriptions for you. :)
  14. AMS

    Sound lower after upload ???

    Check on Google what video and audio format YouTube allows / recommends. Creating the file according to YouTube's recommendation might resolve the sound issue. Or try what @dddoyz said :)
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    How to make money on design?

    You're probably better off buying Jr VIP here on BlackHatWorld and paying $30 for Marketplace thread and sell here instead like @Social Sparrow said. Fiverr or Upwork or anywhere else is high competition. Atleast over here the moderators will have a look at your service and assure members if...
  16. AMS

    How to make money on gamers?

    All cpa / affiliate networks have an account manager. The offer that you will be promoting, ask the account manager if you can promote that link on Discord. Explain your method to them and you will get a response to wether you can or cannot promote your affiliate link that way.
  17. AMS

    what to do if all your youtube subscribers hate you

    Block comments on those videos. Somebody must have watched your video and gone on a rant on their blog/ website and that's what's causing the spike in subs and hate comments. Just block comments for the time being until everything cools down and delete the video aswell.
  18. AMS

    I want to upload a million photos in instagram

    You will be action blocked right after uploading 60 or so pictures all at once.