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  1. Marti.exe

    Need installations on my .exe

    Hey! I want to find a freelancer to install my .exe Interested in installations (PC: Windows): World, CA, US, EU mix and many others. I will consider various options for cooperation. Write in a personal or following the description below to contacts using this template: 1 - Resource, where do...
  2. Marti.exe

    What's the best video editing software?

    I love Davinci Resolve! Cool program!) Video coloring is simply the best thing in Windows.
  3. Marti.exe

    In 2022 crypto go to shit?

    I managed to buy bitcoin when it dropped to $37,000))
  4. Marti.exe

    Sony vegas or adobe?

    Stop stop stop!!! Adobe by no means! And Sony Vegas is not worth it. Moreover, he has nothing to do with Sony now. Now this is a video editing company MAGIX. It is now simply called Vegas Pro. So, I myself used Sony Vegas for 10 years. Later Vegas Pro. In principle, it is suitable for simple...
  5. Marti.exe

    Where Do You Store Your Private key

    I just keep it in an envelope in a safe. Honestly))
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    Undoubtedly, building your own mining farm is the best option. But if electricity is very expensive, then as an option to buy cryptocurrency at the bottom. And fix on the rise. But this is a game on the stock exchange. There are risks. Best of all, buy and forget for 5-10 years)) Maybe bitcoin...
  7. Marti.exe

    In 2022 crypto go to shit?

    Once I got into a crypto winter. When bitcoin fell from $20,000 to $3,000 There were not easy times. That's when the whole world forgot about bitcoin. But the most cunning ones bought a lot of bitcoins) I had to wait 3 years until the end of the crypto winter. But as we all know, in the fall of...
  8. Marti.exe

    Cloud mining?

    I have been studying this issue for a very long time. And I can definitely say that it is better to mine yourself! Or GPU farms or Asiki
  9. Marti.exe

    Do i really pay BTC anonymously?

    If you want to be anonymous, there are other coins for that. for instance: Monero, Zcash, Verge, Dash
  10. Marti.exe

    Best Crypto wallet sites?

    I have tried many exchanges. There was nothing better than Binance))
  11. Marti.exe

    How to exchange cryptocurrencys without kyc

    Well, in general, simple online exchangers, of which there are many
  12. Marti.exe

    Exit all crypto market, the biggest dump of all time is coming

    I've been listening to this for the last 5 years)) Always some kind of end. But somehow... it doesn't end...))
  13. Marti.exe

    Crypto mining 2022

    I have been mining since 2017. Mining in 2022 is still relevant. Although I always only heard that mining at home is dead) The only problem is the cost of the equipment. Entering mining is now very expensive. In fact, right now, those who already have old ones are buying new farms. And the...
  14. Marti.exe

    The Three Commandments of BHW

    Spam is never good. Especially in inappropriately large quantities
  15. Marti.exe

    Hello to all! Now I am among you)

    Hello to all! I have been reading this forum for a long time. Finally I decided to register. Lots of great articles. And cool people)