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    Hello, I would also like a sample of an graphic/digital agency website, or some NFT projects you have done. Thank you
  2. gaby81

    Starting a graphic design agency from scratch

    Yes this is one option. I have a portfolio of over 7500 works done, then I can do paid ads, social media advertising, or I can simply look for business on google and send them emails. I will also try to move my clients from freelancing sites to private, hopefully not get caught.
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    Starting a graphic design agency from scratch

    Thank you so much for this. I think I need to read more about how CRMs work, as my main concern is exactly the communication part and how not to mess everything.
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    Starting a graphic design agency from scratch

    Live in central EU, but will not have a local agency. My clients are already mostly US, CA, UK.
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    Web Desing and Development Agency - How do I find the clients?

    Would you mind telling me the same of the software, even in private please so I can check if suites my needs please?
  6. gaby81

    Web Desing and Development Agency - How do I find the clients?

    Hi I am in a similar position but wondering how you organized the communication with the people you outsource your work to? how you keep tract of what is completed, what is in modification mode, what is still in progress...? I can`t imagine having all of this on emails once you have multiple...
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    Starting a graphic design agency from scratch

    Hi all, looking for advice from members with established graphic design agencies. I am a freelancer doing graphic design, looking to get away from Fiverr, Upwork etc + hire some VAs and outsource some work... - Do you have prices/packages written on your website, with a quick buy now button, or...
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    [JV] Our Digital Agency + Your Lead Generation

    Interested to collaborate, send me your portfoglio please.
  9. gaby81

    [JV] My social media username acquiring service + Your clients.

    Interested, please send me more info.
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    fiverr ranking

    Beside all the other tips + you have a bunch of them on Fiverr Forum, Fiverr has also a private/ranking metric they say its not important - trust me, it is. And they specially care about first time buyers. So do your best/overdeliver on those so they leave a good private feedback too.
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    Who pre-ordered the iPhone 14?

    Iphone? Never again, thanks.
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    [Journey] Building and scaling my agency to $10k per month

    Hey! nice journey mate. Your first post talks about outreach asap and I am missing a few things before this. Do you have a website? where did you find reliable freelancers? do you know anything about fb ads and other offers you will be selling in case the freelancer doesn`t deliver?
  13. gaby81

    What does actually work on IG in 2022 ?

    Does anyone know how to make a good video/reel out of a static image? Not using their templates, but something better, is there any services on BHW for this? I am in the art niche.
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    I am looking for instagram DMs, 5-10k max per order, do you offer that?
  15. gaby81

    What sells great on YouTube if you could rank any video there? Looking for $10K/month

    I am interested to hear if you make your own unique videos, or change a bit another video and re-upload? Do you put them all under one account or spread them in accounts by niche?
  16. gaby81

    How much do you earn per month?

    Not enough.