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  1. rankjuice

    Is there a tool for this?

    Is there any youtube kw tools on the market that can tell you how many videos are targeting a keyword? Like an intitle results tool for google but for youtube?
  2. rankjuice

    How do I get a link from

    I have tried to get a profile link from but every time my profile, the link disappears. I have tried using a normal profile and created an organization profile, but they both won't save my link
  3. rankjuice

    I'm struggling to rank parasites

    Up until last year, I focused mainly on ranking various parasites. Most of which I ranked by just throwing a few PBN links at them. A few weeks ago, the main parasite that I was using got all of its pages deranked. So, after one year off I have decided to rank some other parasites. However...
  4. rankjuice

    Help me find this thread

    I read a thread on here not so long ago (maybe within the past month) and thought I had bookmarked it to read later but didnt. I have spent the past hour trying to find it with no luck. It was an seo advice thread that ended with the advice that you should rank for low comp kws and it will...
  5. rankjuice

    Help me find this online tool - It's driving me insane!!

    I am trying to find an online paraphrasing tool that I used a year or two ago. Unlike all of the other ones that just spin the article, this one splits the article up into sentences and give you space underneath each sentence for you to manually rewrite them. Once you are done, you click a...
  6. rankjuice

    Starting to struggle with one of my sites

    I need some advice. I have a small niche site that I have been working on for the past 2 years. I am starting to run out of keywords to target as it is a very narrow niche and I am thinking of expanding into a more broader kws. Lets say for example I am in the dog niche and have a site...
  7. rankjuice

    Quick question about guest posting

    I am finally diving in to some guest post outreach. I have read many guides on the perfect email template to send and they all say the same thing: 'List a few article ideas fo them to choose from' My noobish question is this. If I send out multiple emails with these topics, what do I do if...
  8. rankjuice

    Feeling kinda low.. Need help

    Over the past few years since my mother pass away, I fell into a deep depression. I just couldn't manage to work more that a few hours per day. Luckily, I am slowly getting better due to a few different medications. A few weeks ago I started getting terrible brain fog and still couldn't...
  9. rankjuice

    Any types of 'natural' backlinks that dont need outreach?

    Started a working on a new site around 6 months ago and im ranking for a decent amount of longtail kws. I have tried asking for guest posts but not had much luck. Tried outreach for broken links and resource links and managed to get 2 links. Due to the unusual niche that site is in, there...
  10. rankjuice

    Rankings keep dropping on parasites

    I have been creating a lot of parasites for easy kws lately. Most of the time, they rank on page one or two as soon as they index. However, after one or two days, they seem to drop to drop out of the top 100 (they are still indexed in google, just not ranking anymore) I have not done any...
  11. rankjuice

    Using expired domain for money site - advice needed

    I have just bought a decent expired domain that has some strong links in the niche I am going into. All of the links are targeting 'http://www' Would adding an ssl certificate cause any loss of link juice (as the links would be redirected to the 'https://www' variant) One of my other sites...
  12. rankjuice

    My first time switching a site to https... A few questions

    I have recently noticed that one of my PBN domains was ranking for a few big kws in my niche so I decided to take it out of my network and make it a 100% money site. After uploading a few articles and getting them ranked on the first page I remembered that I had not setup a SSL for the site. I...
  13. rankjuice

    Anyone having problems with indexing today?

    I usually put out a lot of articles everyday and I get them indexed via the 'submit to google' feature as this is the quickest way to get things indexed. However, since lastnight, I have not been able to get even one single article indexed. I have tried about 20 different articles in different...
  14. rankjuice

    "Forum Sitelinks" Ranking question

    Quick question for you guys I have launched a new product on an art forum. The thread has been optimized for a certain keyword that I want it to rank for, however, as some other people on that forum are also targeting that kw, the google shows related posts in the serps in the form of sitelinks...
  15. rankjuice

    Keyword stuffing on parasites?

    Is it still ok to kw stuff on parasites? I have ran a few tests and found that my high kw density/kw stuffed sites ranked higher than my under 1% density sites. After observing the serps on a few spammy niches, they all seem to have been stuffed with kws. Although, I have come to my own...
  16. rankjuice

    FCS Networker problems - Can anyone confirm?

    For the past 2 days, I have been unable to post to my self hosted wordpress pbn using FCS Networker All post status say 'account failed' I have submitted a ticket so they should get back to me at some point this year Can anyone confirm these problems as I have no issue posting via scrapebox...
  17. rankjuice

    wordpress pbn nofollow problems - plz help

    I have a number of wordpress blogs on my PBN and for some reason over half of them are posting nofollow links in the posts I have tried using the same theme as one of the blogs that does not do this but that didnt work I have checked robots.txt and htaccess file but all look fine I have...
  18. rankjuice

    Anyone still using FCS Networker? need some help

    I have not used FCS in over a year, but I used to use it to post to my wordpress PBN. I decided to renew my account (as its a cheaper option to rankerx) to post on my new PBN. however, after submitting a project, it seems to be stuck on 'pending' Any ideas why this is? Does the software just...
  19. rankjuice

    Looking for a wordpress plugin - auto post generator

    Does anyone know of a plugin that can do this: I input a list of kws Content is scraped based on those kws The kws are used as the title Be able to put a download button/link in each post I am just looking to create a huge spammy site that could get some longtail traffic to a CPA content...
  20. rankjuice

    Has anyone got a spam kw list they can share?

    I am scraping loads of expired domains but fancy filtering out the spam niches (eg. ugg boots, pills, viagra, air jordan) Does anyone have a list of these types of kws they can share with me to help filter them out? thanks in advance