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  1. 00CivicEX

    Your Ideas + My 10yrs experience with IM, Automation development + more

    Hello all, I use to be really big in internet marketing and was my main income for 10+ yrs. I'm a developer at heart and being able to create custom tools, websites and understanding tech and basically build anything I needed was keys to my success. In 2018 I had to step away from internet...
  2. 00CivicEX

    My Traffic Source, Your Adsense Account

    Ive got a lot of good quality traffic an im scared if I run it all to one account adsense will ban me. There notorious for banning for no reason. So I wanna spread the traffic out over multiple accounts. which brings me to this JV. You provide AdSense account + website where your adsense is and...
  3. 00CivicEX

    Looking for 5 adsense Accounts

    Hey Guys, Im currently Looking for 5 Adsense accounts. I started making decent money on adsense an its much safer if you can spread your income over multiple accounts. Im looking for 5 people for the time being that are reputable members on here. Earnings on accounts will be around 1-2k a month...
  4. 00CivicEX

    Need bot created

    Need someone that can create a bot that scrapes shareasale merchants. Will tell you what were looking for once i hire someone to make the bot. English only an need is ASAP
  5. 00CivicEX

    Twitter Partners

    So as of the recent things happening in the twitter world some of you might be in a bind with no software. I currently have some private bots to do what you need to do on twitter. The proposal is, you use my tools an continue making money and cut me in on a split. We can work out a split, BUT if...
  6. 00CivicEX

    Hire Coder for URL Rotation Script

    Looking to hire someone to code this custom script. I need it ASAP. Here is the details: Im looking for someone to code me a URL Rotation script. Baically the script will take traffic from a incoming link an distribute it out to multiple sites. I will need it to have a admin panel where I can...
  7. 00CivicEX

    Earn some easy money - Native English - Good Communications

    Ok, so im looking for someone that is looking to make some easy money. I own a local business that has been family owned for 30 years. We have some competition moving in and taking alot of our customers. Im looking for someone that can get on the phone and call up multiple customers and talk to...
  8. 00CivicEX

    Need someone to customize wordpress theme

    Looking to hire someone to customize a wordpress theme. Along with getting all the functions to work with it. You need to be creative and have good color matching skills. I want someone that can start working on it NOW. Send me a PM and we will get started.
  9. 00CivicEX

    NeuronSoftech from GetAFreeLancer

    Well, I know he isnt from BHW or maybe he has a account here but either way. Do NOT hire this guy. He worked with me for 2 weeks creating a countdown page that in the end looked horrible. He sent me multiple examples and everytime I told him that it looked horrible and he promised to fix it...
  10. 00CivicEX

    Custom Wordpress Template

    So, like the title says I need a Custom wordpress template. I dont want a modded theme or a modded template. I want a CUSTOM template. I will tell you the niche once I deside the winner. Please Send examples of your work to my PM or post here and give a rough estimate. Please only apply if you...
  11. 00CivicEX

    Need Flyer Created

    I need someone that can create stunning flyers that are eyecatching. Shoot me a pm with ur previous work. Only PM if you speak good english.
  12. 00CivicEX

    Need WebDesigner....1 site per week

    Need a reliable web designer. It must be custom built sites and not template based sites. It will be 1 pager sites and will need around 1 a week. Needs to be done in a timely fashion. You need to speak good English and can understand what im talking about. Anyone that doesnt speak good english...
  13. 00CivicEX

    Got Adult Traffic? Wanna make some Money?

    If you Can get adult traffic, I can monetize it! Traffic can be from Youtube, CL, Basically anywhere. Please do not pm me if you can not get traffic and only 'think' you can. I want someone that knows exactly how to send the traffic and just need someone to monetize it for them. I can also...
  14. 00CivicEX


    Needing someone to solve 6 Questions for me. They are based around accounting and I need them ASAP. Hit me up on MSN [email protected] or send me a pm
  15. 00CivicEX

    Looking for someone to post comments and links

    Im in need of a couple people that can post comments on youtube and also someone that can post links to diffrent sites daily. I can pay you by the hour or by the post. I need someone ASAP and this is a long term position. If you THINK you might be able to do it, dont reply. I only want people...
  16. 00CivicEX

    JV-Drive Traffic

    Looking for someone that can drive traffic to a site. The traffic can be from YouTube, Social Networking Sites, Xrumer or anything of that such. Hit me up in pm if you can do this.
  17. 00CivicEX

    Need a couple of sites created

    Hey guys, looking for someone to create me a couple of sites. I dont have the time to make them cause im currently swamped. If you could hit me up in pm, I can give you more details. Thanks
  18. 00CivicEX

    Getting a LLC

    Hey all, im going to get a LLC to get multiple CPA accounts and have a few questions. When applying for the CPA account do I use my physical address? Cause i have already used them for my cpa accounts I have now or should i use my fiancee house? If there is anything other helpful stuff you can...
  19. 00CivicEX

    Jv-html/php needed

    Looking for someone that is good with HTML and PHP. I Currently dont have enough hands to finish all my sites im doing and need someone to help out. In return I will let them use my tools, Mass Mailers,Scrapers,Stuffers Etc... Hit me in PM for more details
  20. 00CivicEX


    Hey Guys, been doing CPA for awhile now but decided to give CJ a go last month. I got a little over 500 in there an 132 of it says extended...could anyone give me some more details on this more then what CJ offer's. I remember reading in somewhere someone asking the same question but couldnt...