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  1. Mike420

    [50+] Linkedin Endorsement Exchange

    PM me for endorsement and recommendation exchange; Marketing..
  2. Mike420

    How to 301 an expired domain (Guide)

    So if the effects from redirect are bad at the beginning or at some point later after algo update or so, will the removal of 301 make things right again and if so, how long might it take? If there is no topical relevance then would you advice 100% against the redirect without changes to money...
  3. Mike420

    How to 301 an expired domain (Guide)

    I still havent built the money site and expired domain is not hosted. Should I build the money site, let it index for a while and after that build out the expired domain with copy pages from money site with canonical tags? Or put up the expired domain and let it index meanwhile building the...
  4. Mike420

    How to 301 an expired domain (Guide)

    Nice post! I have 2 expired domains. 1 is lower DR but has keyword in domain and 2 is higher DR some random brandname url but had more niche relevant topic looking from archive. Which seems to be better? Is there a difference if one domain has mostly homepage links and other also has inner...
  5. Mike420

    Automatic wordpress tags?

    I have a wordpress blog with automatic posting plugin that fetches content from other sites. I would like to add automatic tags to all the thousands of posts, but i have not found any plugin jet that does the job. By tags i dont mean the meta tag but wordpress tags. I have one competitors site...
  6. Mike420

    Monthly fee from 301 redirect position 1

    Hey, Im planning to make a site and rank it to position 1 in google for a spesific keyword. Keyword is "car service townname" , its low competition, but alot of firms offering this service in this town. I want to sell the position 1 with 301 redirect, so the results are immediate and hoping to...
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    Review ?

    I think this rabbit hole gets deeper...
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    Review ?

    Nope wasnt this one..
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    Review ?

    I opened a ticket then, they offered me free consultation to make a seo solution that would be customized for my site, but at that time i didnt want to continue to pay for that service beacuse there where no movements. Maybe i discontinued to early, maybe i choose to small package etc... I had...
  10. Mike420

    Review ?

    Hi guys, as you might now had sale thread here in bhw but its closed for a 0.5 year now. Does any one have some new reviews about this service? I used it when it was still active here. 4 months of smallest package and nothing, just wasted 1k$. Just wondering was there anything...
  11. Mike420 The Highest Quality WH SEO On BHW Sophisticated Backend Technology

    Smallest package, 4 months, no movement.
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    where to stream Mayweather Vs Paciquo Fight?
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    I am considering applying for the Randi prize but I have concerns

    Can you make a HD video out of it ?
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    How can I integrate a javascript on my wordpress?

    Not sure , but maybe this one.
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    Can anybody recommend a free and good VPS service?

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    Stop gambling on SEO services! Rank your sites with your OWN PBN - built by an EXPERT!

    Link in first post is not inserted correctly and not working. Just sayin...