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  1. CyHead

    [GET] Social Media Signal Checker

    Hiya Blackhatworld, Just sharing great tool to check social media signals on your website or specific webpages - it will tell you how users are sharing a specific page/URL across a number of popular social media channels. Not only is this helpful as an SEO tool for social signals, but it also...
  2. CyHead

    Free Proxy List - Useful for Daily Scraping and Testing

    Good morning BHW, I'm sure most of you already have a source for proxies, but for those who don't and need them for tools like Scrapebox or GSA, here's a brief list of sites you can use to scrape new proxies each day and test. I know most of these are probably already known, but just sharing...
  3. CyHead

    Free Proxy List (Updated every 30 minutes)

    Not sure where to post this, since the only proxy section is in the marketplace. Sharing a source for public proxies - it's updated every 30 minutes with new or updated proxies. These are public proxies, so speed will vary, but it's constantly updated so you can always grab more...
  4. CyHead

    What to do with 6 Days of Hosting (Blackhat Stuff to do )?

    Well I'm in a pretty weird situation, I have some shared hosting that will be expiring in a few days time (6 or so days) I'm not so concerned with the repercussions of using it to use some blackhat tools with it. Know of any good scripts that I can run in those few days with the hosting...